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Introducing the 1935 Ford V-8 – Mac’s Motor City Garage

Introducing the 1935 Ford V-8 – Mac’s Motor City Garage


1935 marked a real change as far as the model line up for Ford Motor Company with the introduction of the 1935 Ford V8.

The article here on Mac’s Motor City Garage includes an excellent video of Henry and Edsel Ford introducing the car.

Gary Cooper’s 1935 Duesenberg SSJ crosses the block at Pebble Beach


The former Gary Cooper 1935 Duesenberg SSJ with coachwork by Herbert Newport Junior from the Miles Collier Collections will be up for sale at the Gooding & Company 2018 Pebble Beach auctions

The estimate on the car is expected to be in excess of $10,000,000.


At the Wheel of the SSJ by David Gooding

Each time I drive a Duesenberg, I am impressed by the car’s wonderfully over-the-top exuberance – its extraordinary scale, immense power, and brash, showy character. The Model J is a distinctly American creation, and yet it’s unlike any other car built in Detroit or Indiana during the classic era.

Then there is the SSJ, which is something else altogether. With its 400 hp, twin-carb, supercharged engine and lightweight roadster body, this is no ordinary Duesenberg. Visually, it is the archetypal prewar sports car – with an impossibly long hood, radically raked windscreen, rear-mounted spare, and four gleaming pipes bursting from the engine bay. The SSJ is a seriously fast car, one that will leave most European thoroughbreds in its dust.

Unlike many of its contemporaries, the SSJ is quite friendly to drive. It shifts easily, has powerful brakes, and has really impressive handling – balanced and predictable, with light steering. Open the exhaust cutout and it makes a thundering, straight-eight roar, accompanied by glorious noises on overrun.

The SSJ is the original factory-built hot rod and, without hesitation, the most exciting, enjoyable American classic I have ever driven. If only Duesenberg had started building cars like this in 1928 instead of 1935….

Great video here from the Gooding & Company channel on YouTube

The listing and an excellent history of the car can be found here

Here’s Gary with a 1931 Duesenberg

Don’t call it a replica: Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg working on third-generation Auburn Boat Tail – Hemmings Daniel Strohl


Those of you who read the blog will know that anything ACD, (Auburn Cord Duesenberg), are amongst my favourite vehicles.

I was lucky enough to visit the ACD Museum a few years ago to see a lot of  the original factory and artifacts in Auburn Indiana.

Daniel Strohl at Hemmings has written an article about the latest incarnation of the Auburn Boat Tail Speedster.

Glenn Pray followed by his son Doug along with the ACD Museum have kept the brands in the public consciousness over the years

You can Daniels article here




Here are some of the previous posts around the ACD and the Prays’

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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (originally published in 2008)


The Flying Ford Flathead… The Ford Model 15-P – The Jalopy Journal

The Flying Ford Flathead V8

Great article from the Jalopy Journal on the Ford Model 15-P Flying Wing, the last aircraft developed by the Stout Metal Airplane Division of Ford Motor Company.

The aircraft was powered by an aluminium version of the 221 cubic inch version of the Ford Flathead V8 developing 115hp as opposed to the cast iron car versions 75hp.

Read the Jalopy Journal article here

Read the Wikipedia page here

The Flying Ford Flathead…

So that’s why I couldn’t make head nor tail of my steeering from the Model A books!!!

Steering Joint Question

Hi All

Firstly let me apologise for the disgusting condition of my steering gear, this will change very soon!!

I have quite a bit of play in the joint in the picture, and I see kits listed to rebuild the joint.

Would this be the way to got or would replacement make more sense?

I’ve got a small amount of play in the kingpin on this side, should I be looking for zero play, or is some acceptable before it impacts steering performance?

Thanks as always

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Re: Steering Joint Question

That’s aftermarket, you probably have V8 spindles.
See item 11190 in the link…=Axle-%20Front


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Re: Steering Joint Question

The rig you have uses sealed replaceable rod ends completely unlike Model A type…they are almost certainly the ones used on 1935-48 Fords.
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Re: Steering Joint Question

Ha, I thought I couldn’t make sense of it from my books

Over to the H.A.M.B with this one.

Thanks for the pointers.

Kevin Flood
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Sporadic progress on My 1929 Sport Coupe can be found here