Art of the design – Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental Terry Shea Hemmings

Frank Lloyd Wright's 1940 Lincoln Continental

Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental

Frank Lloyd Wright as everyone knows was a storied architect as everyone knows, what might not be commonly known was Frank’s love of cars, especially customised ones such as the 1940 Lincoln featured in the interesting article from Terry Shea on the Hemmings Daily that can be found here

Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1940 Lincoln Continental


Henry Ford’s 1940 cutaway chassis displayed the wonder of its working parts and wowed crowds at the World’s Fair

From Barrett-Jackson full Lot listing here

Henry Ford built and displayed this 1940 Ford Cutaway Chassis to show the wonder of working parts and the new-to-1940 features, such as a manual shift on the column. The cutaway areas show interior details of the all-chromed V8 engine, brakes, transmission, differential and more. It was built for the Ford Pavilion display at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and was shown subsequently at state fairs and dealer showrooms across the U.S. In later years it was used in driver’s education departments as an educational aid. One of the elite 40 1940 Fords invited to the Grand National Roadster Show for the 75th Anniversary of the 1940 Ford.


Brake Issues Mounting Up!!

I’ve got the following issues with the right hand rear brake

  • Shoes down to the rivets
  • Hold down broken
  • Handbrake cable pipe rusted
  • Adjusters seized and rusted
  • Bleed nipples missing from wheel cylinders due to backplates too near to suspension

Expecting more grief from the rest of the “upgrades” to the braking system 😦


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Drag Link Tie Rod End Replacement

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Quite a lot of play in the tie rod end ball joint on the steering arm on the 1940’s steering fitted to the Model A, so time to change the joint.

The joint was really badly seized and rusted, so I thought I’d try the “Rost Off Ice” freezing and penetration spray from Wurth.

This stuff is tremendous, it works a treat, freed everything off very quickly indeed!

Removed the coupling, cleaned it up and replaced the left hand threaded tie rod end, and the refitted everything.

The bolts are a little too long and I need to align the steering wheel but happy with what I got done today!



Update: Brakes, Shocks

I removed the from hubs and drums today to find that I have new front brake shoes and wheel cylinders. What’s not so good is that one of the new cylinders is leaking 😦 Whilst I was carrying out the inspection I also noticed that the right hand front shocker link was flapping around in the breeze!! So, more things for the ever increasing list…

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Shock Absorber Link

Shock Absorber Link

57 Varities of Brakes!!

Started looking at the brakes today and found a bit of a mix and match situation. The 1929 Model originally had manual “rod” type brakes. It was common practice to use hydraulic brakes from the later 30’s and 40’s Fords. My friends on the H.A.M.B. (Hokey Ass Message Board) have assured me that what I have will be OK if the the wheel cylinders are the same bore.

“The one front and one rear backing plates shown are ’39-’41 style brakes with the adjustable lower anchors.

The two different style hub/drum shown are interchangeable, no cause for concern.

The ’39-’41 used a different sized front wheel cylinder as compared to the ’42-’48 brakes; but all the aftermarket replacements are the larger (later) size, which is not a problem if used in pairs.”

The next task will be to inspect everything and get a modified handbrake cable ordered from the States.

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