Ford renews search for the punch bowl won in the race that helped kickstart the company – Daniel Strohl Hemmings

As those of you who are kind enough to reads this blog will know I’m an early Ford history buff, so of course this article from Daniel Strohl as Hemmings was right in my wheelhouse!

The punch bowl that formed the winning prize in the famous Detroit Driving Club hosted race won by Henry Ford  in 1901 has been missing since around 1951 after the death of Clara Ford in 1950 when it sold for $70.

Henry Ford (4) about to pass Alexander Winton in the famous 1901 race. Photo courtesy Smithsonian.

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A day in the life of a Ford factory employee in 1950’s Cork – John Brennan Irish Examiner

What was life on the Ford production line in Cork like? Here, John Brennan, who worked in the factory from 1948 to 1952, gives a vivid insight into his job.

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1951 Mechanix Illustrated Roadster

1951 Mechanix Illustrated Roadster.


It’s unlikely that any modern magazine would run an article about building your own 100mph sports car for $500, but in 1951 Mechanix Illustrated ran one about how to do just that. The article covered the process of converting a 1932 Ford into this lightweight roadster. The reports of how many were built vary, but the seller of this one suspects it is one of the 17 originals built by the magazine. Reader David C. found it here on Craigslist with an asking price of $8,900.

The eleven page article covered much of the process, but if you wanted more detailed instructions and diagrams you could order the complete plans for five dollars. Digital scans of the article can be found on Hemmings Blog, but we probably wouldn’t recommend building one of these yourself without the plans. Even with plans, we wouldn’t recommend it for those concerned with safety.

While much of this one is original, the engine and much of the drivetrain has been upgraded. It currently is powered by a small block Chevy engine, which is mated to a Muncie 4-speed and a twelve bolt rear end. With a curb weight around a thousand pounds, there is no doubt this would be both a fun and terrifying roadster to drive. We aren’t sure whether this is a bargain or not, but it would be tough to build one for less and what other V8 powered roadsters can you get for $9k?