Did the 1961 Pontiac Monte Carlo concept foretell the Pontiac Firebird? – David Conwill @Hemmings

The GM Y-body senior compacts (Buick Special/Skylark, Oldsmobile F-85/Cutlass, and Pontiac Tempest/Le Mans) were practically sized cars with some interesting mechanical innovations, including an all-aluminum V-8. The Tempest/Le Mans sported a flexible driveshaft and a rear transaxle.When they came out… Read More ›

I Was There: How I got to be a part of the split-window Corvette design team @Hemmings

Joe Feko Junior Detailer Chevrolet Engineering Center In the fall of 1961, I was an engineering student at General Motors Institute (now Kettering University). The school offered a cooperative education program that had me alternating between classes in Flint, Michigan,… Read More ›

Honda Restored A Chevy Truck Because History Matters More Than Brand – Christopher Smith @Motor1.com

Honda Restored A Chevy Truck It was done to help celebrate American Honda’s 60th anniversary. Mention Honda to the typical Motor1.com reader and you’ll probably get a response relating to the Civic, Pilot, or possibly the NSX. That should be no surprise because these days, Honda is… Read More ›

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