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From the lost era of downsized American performance comes a low-mileage 1979 Mercury Capri RS Turbo – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

From the lost era of downsized American performance comes a low-mileage 1979 Mercury Capri RS Turbo – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


Of course, I’m partial to the late Seventies American performance hatches, which seem to have largely gone overlooked in the fervor to embrace Eighties and Nineties cars as the next wave of collectibles.

These were the cars that showed how Wangers-era sticker packages didn’t have to be all-show-and-no-go and how performance cars didn’t need to be overwrought, overtestosteroned sledgehammers. And hey, the disco touches are all right by me. Big hair for everybody!So, who am I to judge for the big ol’ Porsche-script spoiler attached to this low-mileage 1979 Mercury Capri Turbo RS for sale on A little bit of exuberance never hurt nobody. The four-cylinder might not be everybody’s first choice, but it did power plenty a Pinto pugilist, and it at least has a four-speed behind it. And look at that interior that obviously received some lovin’ recently. Plenty of fun to be had here.From the seller’s description:

The car offered is a rare, first-year 1979 Mercury Capri Turbo RS. It has been in the care of its original owner since new and shows just 15,407 miles. The turbocharged 2.3-liter engine is in fantastic mechanical condition and propels the Capri forward with the same excitement it would have in 1979. It sends power through a 4-speed manual transmission to a limited-slip differential. The car is finished in black paint over a tan interior and features its original pinstriping, decals, and badging specific to the Turbo RS. 

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Pick of the Day: 1979 Chrysler LeBaron, the allure of velour – Tyson Hugie


If ever a car were to deliver the ride comfort of a living-room sofa, it might be the 1979 Chrysler LeBaron.  It takes just one look at the plush velour front seat to envision what it might feel like to float along on the interstates in smooth isolation.�

The Pick of the Day is a low-mileage, well-kept-original 1979 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion from a private seller in Paintsville, Kentucky, advertising the car on  This lush 2-door “personal luxury car” might have you plotting a cross-country summer adventure in a mode of transportation that has way more leg room than a first-class flight.

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CUSTOM-BUILT CORVETTE & ELDORADO ‘EL VETTE’ DONATED – National Corvette Museum – Tara Jacobi for John Jacobi


While growing up I came to know there was nothing my dad could not fix.  At some point, I noticed my dad, John Jacobi (sometimes known as JJ) strived to do things differently than most.  For instance, he wouldn’t buy something if he knew he could make it.  Sometimes this was just plain embarrassing to me but as I got older I realized not everyone could engineer the things that he did.  He was an engineer by trade and grew up working in garages on cars.  Our family never took any of our cars to a shop as there was no need.  He would also improve upon something if he knew he could build it another way.  Nothing hits this point across like what he did with his most favorite type of car – the Corvette.

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A new Steve McQueen barn find surfaces: the ’79 Pontiac Trans Am from “The Hunter – Kurt Ernst @Hemmings


Trans Am is Life

In 1979, Steve McQueen began filming what became his final motion picture, The Hunter, which tells the fictionalized story of real-life bounty hunter Ralph “Papa” Thorson. While the film’s chase sequences are nowhere near as memorable as those in Bullitt, two 1979 Trans Ams were used (wrecked, technically) in filming, with a total of six Pontiacs provided from the brand’s show fleet. One of these Trans Ams — possibly the last surviving example from the film — was recently liberated from an Illinois barn, and new owner Calvin Riggs, owner of Carlyle Motors in Katy, Texas, is seeking additional information on the car from former cast and crew members.

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History of the 1978 – 1989 Buick Turbo 3.8 V6 – Old Car Memories on YouTube


Interesting video on the history of the Buick Turbo 3.8 V6 of the late 70’s early 80’s. Very much ahead of its time. Buick nearly didn’t have the opportunity to leverage the engine having sold the engine to Kaiser to be used in the Jeep. Buick eventually realised its mistake and bought the V6 back. The turbo equipped unit had an output of 170hp in 1980. Watch the video to see the full story

Henry: A Life of Henry Ford II by Walter Hayes


I’m currently reading  Henry : A Life of Henry Ford II  by former Ford employee Walter Hayes

Henry: A Life of Henry Ford II

Henry Ford II arrives in the Netherlands (1954).

As those of you who read the blog know I’m a bit of a student of Henry Ford

This book has been a real eye opener for me in as much as I now understand how instrumental Henry Ford II was in saving Ford Motor Company after the death of old Henry.

Henry II took over the ailing company at a very young 25 years of age and was in office from 1945 until 1979 and died at the age of 70 in 1987

You can read more about Henry’s reign here