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2019 Popham Classic Vehicle Rally & Fly In

2019 Popham Classic Vehicle Rally & Fly In


The annual Popham Classic Vehicle Rally is quite unique in that it also includes a fly in of vintage aircraft into the airfield. The turnout of both cars and  vendors for the swap meet was the largest in recent years. Really good assortment of cars from all categories with American cars being particularly well  represented. Gave the S10 a run out for the event, the weather was fine if a little chilly!

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Racing bans, ethanol increases, and more: the biggest old car news stories of 2016 – Daniel Strohl Hemmings

2016 Year in Review

A compilation of some of the significant classic car stories in from Daniel Strohl at Hemmings

1. Ethanol-blended fuel amounts continue to rise.

2. Racing returns to Bonneville, though the salt depletion continues.

3. AACA and AACA Museum break off merger talks

4. SEMA battles EPA over motorsports

5. Auction records continue to fall.

6. Museums large and small close around the world.

These topics plus many others, can be found here


Classic Car Show Popham Airfield UK May 2nd 2016


We took our annual jaunt to the classic car show at Popham Airfield which is a 40 minute drive from where we live. The weather outlook wasn’t great and impacted the turnout a little, but in the end the weather was pretty good, and the American attendance was of a good quality and a reasonable quantity. My favourite was a lovely blue 1947 Hudson Pickup

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Happy New Year at the Phoenix Green Classic Car Breakfast!


We took our annual New Years Day jaunt to the Phoenix Inn New Years Day Classic Car breakfast in nearby Phoenix Green. Not a huge amount of American iron but a great morning nonetheless!

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