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Happy New Year! Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2021 – Mike Austin @Hemmings

Happy New Year! Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2021 – Mike Austin @Hemmings


Well, that’s a wrap on 2021. As far as years go, this was certainly one of them. Kidding aside, we’re glad you came along for the ride with us here at Hemmings. Throughout the year we brought you plenty of stories, and we’ve already picked our favorites. To that we have one more list for you before the calendar turns: Our 10 most-read stories on ranked by total visitors. We’re already hard at work to make next year even better, and we’re looking forward to continuing the journey with you.

1. Why do people – including seasoned mechanics – still insist on putting a block of wood under a car battery?

The science is settled, but apparently there are still plenty of people looking for an explanation as to why you should or shouldn’t rest a car battery on concrete. Among the 224 comments on this article are some legitimate reasons for using wood blocks, but preventing battery discharge is not one of them.

2. GM’s 6.6 Duramax diesel V-8 put Ford’s 7.3 Powerstroke and Dodge’s 5.9 Cummins on notice

Looking to replicate the success of the Powerstroke story, HMN Editor Mike McNessor followed up with a similar breakdown of the engine that put GM diesels back in the torque war.

3. Once Owned By Smokey Yunick, This Chevrolet Small-Block Intake Manifold May Be The Last Remnant Of A Canceled High-Performance Camaro

Chevrolet went a long way to building the 360-horsepower L-70 V-8 for the 1967 Camaro, but scrapped the engine at the last minute. Some of the intakes for that engine, as the tale goes, went to Smokey Yunick for testing. As for how one ended up in the wild, well, you have to click on the story to get the whole tale.

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Holiday Ride | Chevrolet Christmas Video 2021


Stories of love are always a holiday classic. And in this holiday film, it’s felt through the heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching memories of a classic 1966 Chevy Impala. Based on actual events, we teamed up with Academy Award winners Tom Hooper (director), Claudio Miranda (director of photography) and Rachel Portman (composer) to tell the story of love, redemption and restoration. Because the greatest gift anyone can ever give is joy. Happy Holidays.

The Vintage Hot Rod Association presents: Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races – 10th & 11th July 2021


We are pleased to announce that the eighth running of the Hot Rod Races will be happening on Pendine Sands over the weekend of 10th & 11th July 2021. Once again there will be two days of non-stop racing action on the historic beach in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. We will be starting around 11.00am each day and racing for around five to six hours, with non-stop action from start to finish. Everything is determined by the tide so times can’t be set in stone.

This incredible, award winning event has fast become the most important date on the UK hot rod calendar, with participants coming from all over the globe to take part in the world’s fastest and most exciting beach racing competition available to traditional hot rods and customs. Racing is only open to members of the Vintage Hot Rod Association and their pre-1949 hot rods and customs, so it’s guaranteed old time action all the way. Whilst pit passes are only for VHRA members, spectating is free from outside the pits, and you’ll find more details on that further down the page.

There are classes for all types of vehicles and engines, with cars being built just to break class records. A full list of classes and record holders is below, as well as a roll call of drivers that have broken the 100 mph barrier. Our King of the Beach for 2019 was Marcus Bennett, who claimed the title in his first attempt, topping 120 mph in the bargain. He’s keen to take the top spot again in 2021, but there’s plenty of competition to keep him on his toes, so be sure to come along and see if he can be toppled from his throne.

Free Spectating – No Pass Required

Outside of the pits it’s free to come and spectate. The view of the race cars is fantastic and you you can wander down the beach to see the cars at speed. There is a parking fee of £4 per car payable to the council on the day, which will allow you to park on the hallowed beach in your car. No pre-booking or ticket is required, you do not need to be a member and there is no limit on numbers. This will not permit you to enter the pit or race areas, but there will be the opportunity to get up close to the cars either side of racing. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Race and Pit Pass Booking Conditions – VHRA Members Only – ALL PASSES SOLD OUT

Because of the carry-over of passes from the postponed 2020 Hot Rod Races, there are no new places available on the race card for 2021. We are, however, collating member’s names for a reserve list. Please contact us before 9th October 2020 if you wish to add your name to that list. Lead name must be a VHRA member. Applications will be accepted in the first instance from those with membership in place at the time of the event was announced to members on 25th August 2020. Racing is limited to one vehicle per member. You can add one additional driver but runs are limited to the vehicle not drivers. Additional driver does not need to be a member. Please note; any records, prizes or timing tags are awarded to the owner, not driver. All racers must hold a full driving licence. Passes are restricted to a maximum of 4 adults per booking, inclusive of member, no limit on children. Children’s passes cannot be upgraded to adult passes at a later date. All adults with pit passes agree be on site prior to racing in order to assist with setting up. Cheques payable to VHRA. If you do not have a cheque book, we will accept PayPal to ahead of the form being sent in, but it is the receipt of the original, signed, completed booking form in the post that determines the place in the queue. Equally, payment needs to be made for your application to be processed. There is a surcharge of £4 for PayPal payments. Incomplete applications, applications that have not been paid for, or applications not on the official booking form will not be accepted. Overseas applicants should add £2 for postage, we ask that you still include a return addressed envelope. No refunds on any tickets apart from in relation to Coronavirus cancelations, no other exceptions. Full details of entry and rules & regulations are included on the booking form and also on this page. If you have any questions please get in touch at

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Welcome to the first KUSTOMRAMA INVITATIONAL A spectacular dedicated to the traditional custom car.



The Kustomrama Invitational is a traditional custom car show presented by Kustomrama, the Traditional Rod & Kustom Encyclopedia. The show is held in cooperation with Gasoline Magazine during the Gasoline Revival.


The first Gasoline Revival and Kustomrama Invitational will be held Saturday, August 28, 2021, at Grängesberg in Sweden.


Gasoline Revival is an event dedicated to vintage pre-49 hot rods and racing. The Kustomrama Invitational is a celebration of the traditional custom car. The show is open for pre-1965 customs. From Early Styled California Customs to Early Styled Swedish Customs dressed up with canted quad headlights, tube grilles, and rolled pans. Yes, it is a long ride from Westergard in California to Gamen and his buddies in Stockholm, and our mission with the Kustomrama Invitational is to showcase the evolution of the traditional custom car as we all know it.


Space is very limited, and we have only room for 20 cars for the line-up this year. Submissions will be handpicked for their authenticity, and all entries must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event. Pre-1965 custom cars, restyled in a pre-1965 style can be entered for submissions. It can be a recent or an old build, as long as it is done in a period-correct style. Please send an email with photos of your car to to register your vehicle for the show. The pictures must show the car as it currently sits, and you must include pictures showing all sides of the vehicle along with an interior shot.

All submissions will be rated after period correctness. We want to orchestrate the gathering to contain an equal number of customs from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and the 1960s; therefore, submissions are selected on July 28, 2021.


Don’t worry. We still want you to bring your traditional custom car even though it didn’t make it amongst the first 20. We will have an area reserved for traditional hot rods and custom cars we can’t fit at the spectacular or in the race.


The Truth About Why Edelbrock is Moving Its HQ – STEPHANIE DAVIES-BARDEKOFF @Dragzine


If you have a classic Ford in your garage, there’s a pretty big chance there’s at least one part on it marked with the name Edelbrock. The company, whose name is etched into the history of American muscle cars, manufactures carburetors, camshafts, cylinder heads, superchargers, and more. Since its founding by Vic Edelbrock Sr. in 1938, Edelbrock has operated out of Torrance, California, but we’ve received word today that its headquarters will soon have a new home in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP) acquired Edelbrock in 2010, and recently made headlines by also acquiring the COMP Performance Group (CPG) – including COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST, ZEX, Inglese, and others. Edelbrock is moving to merge its operations with CPG. The transition has been in planning since October but began in earnest on January 15th and will continue through March 31st. The Torrance location housed sales, advertising, research and development, testing, and some manufacturing departments.

“We have a 300,000 square-foot facility in Olive Branch that will be the headquarters for five power brands – Edelbrock, COMP Cams, TCI, FAST, and Russell,” stated Chris Douglas, Chief Commercial Officer at the Edelbrock Group. “Today it is the central distribution center for all our products. A portion of that facility, which is currently vacant, will be utilized for manufacturing Edelbrock intake manifolds. We only occupy about a third of the front side of the office complex, which will be fully occupied with the transition.”

COMP’s current front-office at Democrat Road in Memphis, TN will also be part of the move to Olive Branch following the migration of Torrance employees and equipment.

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Legendary Auto Parts Manufacturer Edelbrock Is Shutting Down Its Headquarters – Rob Stumpf @TheDrive


If there’s one aftermarket performance company whose name is synonymous with classic American muscle, it just might be Edelbrock. As the manufacturer of carburetors, camshafts, cylinder heads, and more, Edelbrock has built a trusted reputation amongst classic car owners across the nation. There’s a reason the company calls itself “the most respected name in performance.”

This week, though, Edelbrock seems to be hurting. Daily Breeze has uncovered a filing with the California Employment Development Department which shows that Edelbrock will be closing its long-standing headquarters in Torrance,.

According to the filing, Edelbrock notified the EDD earlier this month that it would be permanently closing its Torrance base, affecting the facility’s 270 employees with an unconfirmed number of layoffs. This includes workers in the company’s office-based divisions like sales and advertising, as well as employees in the research and development, testing, and manufacturing areas. It did not list a reason for the closure.

In addition to the Torrance facility, California also has houses the two Edelbrock Foundries locations on adjacent properties in San Jacinto, California, roughly 95 miles east. It’s not clear how many employees will be relocated to the foundries. The company also has a distribution center in Mississippi, plus its carburetor division and its brand new Race Center in North Carolina.

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