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The Best Books You Should Own When Building A Traditional Hot Rod!!! – Matt Murray @IrontrapGarage

The Best Books You Should Own When Building A Traditional Hot Rod!!! – Matt Murray @IrontrapGarage


Another excellent and educational video from Matt, in this one he opens up his library to share some essential books to increase our knowledge of traditional hot rods. I have a good library myself, but some of these were new ones on me, and I’ll certainly be looking out for them!

Here’s Matt’s comments and list

We get a ton of comments and message about the ins and outs of building a traditional hot rod, and where to find the information. Well today Matt is going to share a few of the books he references the most when working on any of the projects. A vast majority of the information on traditional hot rods can be found on the internet, but it some times can be watered down and miss the mark. Obtaining this books that were written by the early hot rodders can be a great source of information and inspiration. Be sure to comment down below with other books that you would add to the list!! –

Ford “Green Bible” Reprint –…

Souping The Stock Engine Reprint –…

How To Build A Traditional Ford Hot Rod –…

The Fast Ford Handbook Reprint –…

Ford Speed Manual –…

The V8 Album –…

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Books from Richard Edmonds Auctions


About an hour away there is an auctioneers that specialise in transportation and automobilia. I managed to score a set of books called “Automobile Engineering” from 1920 published by the American Technical Society. Very interesting stuff!

Upon collection from the auction site there were a number of cars to be collected, including a Model T and a Metropolitan

Richard Edmonds auctions are in Chippenham Wiltshire and hold regular classic car and automobilia auctions.

The Hemi in the Barn by Tom Cotter – More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology


Another excellent book by Tom Cotter

It’s every car lover’s fantasy: the perfectly preserved classic automobile discovered under a blanket in some great-granny’s garage. And as author Tom Cotter has discovered time and again, it’s a fantasy that can come true. The Hemi in the Barn offers more than forty stories of amazing finds and automotive resurrections. Avid collectors big and small recall the thrills of the hunt, the tips and hunches followed, clues pursued, the heart-stopping payoff. There’s the forgotten Duesenberg—probably one of the last unrestored ones around—that Jay Leno found in a Burbank garage. Unbelievably, Leno found another Duesenberg in a parking garage in New York City—a car that was parked in 1933 and never moved. There’s a Plymouth Superbird found buried in a hedge in Alabama. There’s the rescue of the first 1955 Corvette ever built. As entertaining as these tales, are they’re also full of tantalizing hints and suggestions for readers setting off on their own adventures in automotive archaeology.

The Cobra in the Barn by Tom Cotter – Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology


My latest motoring read is “The Cobra in the Barn” by Tom Cotter

It’s the fantasy of every car enthusiast: Pull a tarp off a pile in a barn, or hear a farmer say “”there’s an old car out back”” and discover a classic collectible such as a Hemi ‘Cuda, a rare Porsche, or a Jaguar E-Type racer. Many such tales told during enthusiasts’ bench racing sessions are urban myths. But this book is full of true tales of rare gems pulled out of haystacks or junkyards—and there are before and after photos to prove it!

This is an excellent read that I can highly recommend!

Cobra in the Barn – Tom Cotter