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400 Cadillacs Deep!! The Dan Morehouse Cadillac Collection – Irontrap Garage

400 Cadillacs Deep!! The Dan Morehouse Cadillac Collection – Irontrap Garage


Dan bought his first few 1959 Cadillacs back in college and he hasnt really stopped since! Dan has owned well over 400 Cadillacs and currently owns 30. Dan has allowed us to come take a look at this collection of rare Cadillacs and stash of some amazing parts. The majority of the cars Dan has owned fall between 1957 and 1964, but Dan mainly has his eyes set on the huge iconic tail fins of the 1959 Cadillac. As you can see from walking around Dan’s property and garages the 1959 Caddy is his favorite year and he has owned every body style available that year. Dan also owns a few 1957 Cadillac Broughams which were a coach built 57 that were built in very limit quantities. One of the coolest things that really caught our eye at Dan’s is the 1959 Fleetwood that is submerged in his koi pond in the middle of his property. What else would a true Cadillac collector have for a water feature!!! Dan Morehouse – Big Fins Website – Instagram –

An Olds obsession: Fred Mandrick’s A-body collection – Jeff Koch @Hemmings


There’s something to be said for knowing what you like, and going deep.

Fred Mandrick’s collection concentrates exclusively on 1968-’72 Oldsmobile A-bodies. Not even four-doors and Vista Cruisers—just two-doors and convertibles. Cutlass Supremes. 442s. W30s. Hurst Oldses. And even a car (and some parts) that never actually saw a production line—but which is an important part of the Oldsmobile story. Fred’s formidable collection features more than a dozen A-body Oldses all told, ranging from low-mileage originals to complete restorations, coupes and convertibles, and a surprising stash of NOS parts. The garage he keeps them in matches many houses we’ve visited for sheer size; it’s decked out in authentic mid-century neon, and has its own attached two-bay workshop. Hanging out next to the fully-dressed W30 455 outside his office is an all-aluminum 455 topped by four dual-throat Weber carbs, as it would have run in the Can-Am series of the early ’70s. The man does not dabble.

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This muscle car dealer is selling a dream barn find collection – Elliot Wood @Autoclassics


Restore a Muscle Car is a firm in Lincoln, Nebraska that takes huge numbers of classic American muscle cars and restores them to a sellable condition. Such is the size of its inventory that it now has too many cars and not enough time to restore them all, and is selling many of its unrestored models. Company employee Dave Hall has been kind enough to take the internet on a video tour of one of the sheds of classics, many of which are literal barn finds, that need a new owner.

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Fireball Tim Lawrence the well known Malibu area blogger continues to take a look at the effects of the California Wildfires including the donation efforts by the local community.

The main part of the video covers the loss of Thom Panunzio’s car and memorabilia collection. Shocking damage caused by the massive heat of the fire.



Haunting images of cars caught in the California wildfires – Classic & Sports Car


These images say it all, can’t imagine what this situation is like to live through. I realise the cars are the least of everyone’s worries but the photos do bring home the level of destruction.

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You can support the victims of the Wildfires here at






Planning fire protection for your collector car – Wayne Wyss @Hemmings


Here are 10 tips from Hemmings Classic Car via Wayne Wyss on protecting your car from fire, this is particularly relevant in view of the terrible impact that the current California wildfires have had on human life and property

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THE AUTHOR/ARTIST Wallace Wyss is the author of 18 car histories. As a fine artist, he is currently painting portraits of collector cars, like the Bugatti above. He can be reached at



An inside view of the Woolsey Malibu fire and how Dukes are helping people store their classic cars and even horses to save them from the fire. It’s just an awful unimaginable situation for those of us so far away. The cars are the least of everyone’s concern at this time.

Having visited the area a number of times it’s doubly sad.


California fires: When disaster strikes, forget the car – Mike Musto @Hagerty


Almost 37,000 acres—that was the trail of destruction left by the Northern California wildfires in October 2017. And while the counties of Napa, Lake. and Sonoma were all hit hard, it was the city of Santa Rosa that saw the most devastation with more than 2800 homes completely destroyed. The fires claimed lives, property, and businesses and in their path uprooted families who now bare physical and emotional scars that no one should have to face.

It’s now November 2018, 13 months after those deadly fires. And while many in those regions are still rebuilding, a new set of wildfires have emerged that are currently cutting a path through both Northern and Southern California. As of now the death toll and damage continue to rise. It’s terrifying to watch.

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