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Fireball Tim Lawrence the well known Malibu area blogger continues to take a look at the effects of the California Wildfires including the donation efforts by the local community.

The main part of the video covers the loss of Thom Panunzio’s car and memorabilia collection. Shocking damage caused by the massive heat of the fire.



Haunting images of cars caught in the California wildfires – Classic & Sports Car


These images say it all, can’t imagine what this situation is like to live through. I realise the cars are the least of everyone’s worries but the photos do bring home the level of destruction.

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The images are © Scott Maddern/

You can support the victims of the Wildfires here at






Planning fire protection for your collector car – Wayne Wyss @Hemmings


Here are 10 tips from Hemmings Classic Car via Wayne Wyss on protecting your car from fire, this is particularly relevant in view of the terrible impact that the current California wildfires have had on human life and property

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THE AUTHOR/ARTIST Wallace Wyss is the author of 18 car histories. As a fine artist, he is currently painting portraits of collector cars, like the Bugatti above. He can be reached at



An inside view of the Woolsey Malibu fire and how Dukes are helping people store their classic cars and even horses to save them from the fire. It’s just an awful unimaginable situation for those of us so far away. The cars are the least of everyone’s concern at this time.

Having visited the area a number of times it’s doubly sad.


California fires: When disaster strikes, forget the car – Mike Musto @Hagerty


Almost 37,000 acres—that was the trail of destruction left by the Northern California wildfires in October 2017. And while the counties of Napa, Lake. and Sonoma were all hit hard, it was the city of Santa Rosa that saw the most devastation with more than 2800 homes completely destroyed. The fires claimed lives, property, and businesses and in their path uprooted families who now bare physical and emotional scars that no one should have to face.

It’s now November 2018, 13 months after those deadly fires. And while many in those regions are still rebuilding, a new set of wildfires have emerged that are currently cutting a path through both Northern and Southern California. As of now the death toll and damage continue to rise. It’s terrifying to watch.

Read the rest of Mike Musto’s sobering article at Hagerty


A Model T, Abandoned as Paradise Burned, Emerges With Barely a Scratch – By Thomas Fuller and Mitch Smith @TheNewYorkTimes


As a wildfire bore down on Paradise, Calif., the owner of a 1915 Ford left the car behind, saying, “It’s stupid to risk a life for a Model T when there’s so many people trying to evacuate.” But the blaze left the car almost untouched. Credit Eric Thayer for The New York Times

Read the story of Ron Westbrook’s Model T here

California Firefighters Rescue Vintage Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 From Burning House – Rob Stumpf @TheDrive


Article from Rob Stumpf detailing the dramatic rescue of a vintage Shelby Mustang GT350 from a house being claimed by the latest horrific California Wildfires this time in Malibu.

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A nice footnote to Rob’s article

“The heartbreaking scenes across the state show just how quickly and violently wildfires can spread, especially with Los Angeles experiencing a severe drought. A small act like saving the Shelby shows a bit of humanity in the chaos.”

If you’d like to pitch in, the Red Cross has been helping evacuees and is accepting donations. Also theLos Angeles Fire Department Foundation, which helps equip firefighters, could use your support as well.


California Wildfire Claims Vintage Car Collection Including 1-of-1 1948 Norman Timbs Special – Kyle Cheromcha @TheDrive

The current California wildfires are amongst the worst ever on top of the horrific toll being taken on Human and Wildlife, priceless car collections  are also being swallowed up by the unstoppable flames. One of the cars lost was the one of one 1948 Norman Timbs special from the Cerveny collection
The Norman Timbs Special
You’ve probably never heard of Gary Cerveny, a private collector in Southern California who amassed a fascinating stable over the years. But chances are you’ve heard of his thirty-odd cars, all of which reportedly burned in the Woolsey Fire over the weekend. Read the rest of Kyle’s article here Further coverage on Autoweek here If you’d like to pitch in, the Red Cross has been helping evacuees and is accepting donations. Also the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation, which helps equip firefighters, could use your support as well.

Car Collections Suffer in California Wildfires


Some heartbreaking stories from car collectors as a result of the recent California wildfires, pales into insignificance against the loss of human and animal life but it’s a sad sight nonetheless.


Example Story

Scott Birdsall and his wife were asleep in their Santa Rosa home when the fire started. They awoke not to the sounds of sirens or banging on their door, but to the wailing of 80-mph winds that rattled the windows and shook the cars parked out front.

The blaze was less than a block from their house when Birdsall and his family fled. When Birdsall returned days later, like so many other Coffey Park residents, he found his home and belongings reduced to ash and rubble.

Among the detritus was his fleet of vintage cars. Birdsall, the owner of hot-rod shop Chuckles Garage, shared photos on his garage’s Instagram page of the cars before the fire, and after. The post-fire images show heaps of crunched steel, stained a fuzzy reddish-brown and melted beyond recognition.

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Residents flee Rincon Valley because of Tubbs Fire with antique vehicles

Here you can see the video

Car collector shows before and after photographs of his destroyed collection following California’s deadliest wildfire in history

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Reduced to ashes: Classic cars burned in California fires add to the devastation

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