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An Olds obsession: Fred Mandrick’s A-body collection – Jeff Koch @Hemmings

An Olds obsession: Fred Mandrick’s A-body collection – Jeff Koch @Hemmings


There’s something to be said for knowing what you like, and going deep.

Fred Mandrick’s collection concentrates exclusively on 1968-’72 Oldsmobile A-bodies. Not even four-doors and Vista Cruisers—just two-doors and convertibles. Cutlass Supremes. 442s. W30s. Hurst Oldses. And even a car (and some parts) that never actually saw a production line—but which is an important part of the Oldsmobile story. Fred’s formidable collection features more than a dozen A-body Oldses all told, ranging from low-mileage originals to complete restorations, coupes and convertibles, and a surprising stash of NOS parts. The garage he keeps them in matches many houses we’ve visited for sheer size; it’s decked out in authentic mid-century neon, and has its own attached two-bay workshop. Hanging out next to the fully-dressed W30 455 outside his office is an all-aluminum 455 topped by four dual-throat Weber carbs, as it would have run in the Can-Am series of the early ’70s. The man does not dabble.

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