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Solar Charging for the S10 Xtreme


As I don’t use the S10 an awful lot it used to suffer a lot from the battery running down.

To get around this issue I went with a solar panel solution from Photonic Universe, initially starting with a single solar panel and then adding a second panel.

5A 12V solar charge controller / regulator for vehicles, boats and off-grid solar systems with solar panels up to 60W

5W 12V Photonic Universe solar panel for trickle charging 12V battery in a motorhome, caravan, camper, car, boat or any other off-grid system



10W Photonic Universe solar panel for motorhome, caravan, boat or any other 12V off-grid system

Herald Update (originally published in 2008)


I have purchased an alternator for the old girl, and will shortly be fitting it and converting to negative earth at the same time.

Got a very good deal on the alternator, eBay of course!

I’ll publish the trials and tribulations of the conversion here in the future.

It looks as if only the heater blower, tank sender, battery and ignition coil will need reversing during the process, I think???