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Myth and Mogul : John DeLorean – New Documentary  @Netflix

Myth and Mogul : John DeLorean – New Documentary @Netflix


Netflix have released a recent documentary on the rise and fall of John DeLorean

Plus a look back at previous DeLorean content here on Automotive American

The documentary is a mixture of footage from a previous documentary and interviews with those involved at the time including family members.

For me it’s the best one so far and I guess may be the last?

For John’s back story you can go to Wikipedia

Information on the documentary can be found here at Netflix

A few years ago I interviewed Chris Parnham historian of the DeLorean Owners Club UK for my podcast, and I thought this would make a good companion to the new documentary. Details of the club can be found here

Chris is a lovely man and the interview can be found below

I was lucky to be given a copy of Chris’s and Andy Withers excellent book – DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible 

The original article is here

The Society of Automotive Historians – Mark J. McCourt @Hemmings


For 50 years, this organization has researched and promoted the understanding of automotive history

Automotive history has been written every single day since the first person dreamed of a vehicle that moved under its own power. Much of that history would have gone by, unrecognized, unrecorded, and never shared, had it not been for efforts by members of the Society of Automotive Historians. That group, now 800 strong and this year celebrating its founding a half-century ago, is owed a nearly unimaginable debt, for its collective work has enabled the very magazine you’re reading right now, and every other serious automotive publication that has informed and entertained readers for the past six decades or more.
Let’s travel to that world-famous classic-car destination of Hershey, specifically to the Antique Automobile Club of America’s annual Fall Meet. Since the mid- 1950s, this Pennsylvania town has been a gathering place for hobby diehards, and, in October 1969, it became the nucleus for this country’s most dedicated automotive historians; this was where the Society of Automotive Historians—SAH, for short— was officially formed, and where the group returns every year

Motometer Central – an excellent resource


I recently became aware of the Motometer Central website as a result of my membership of The Society of Automotive Historians. The site is a wealth of information on the Motometer device which became very popular in the 1920’s with the Boyce variety being the most popular. This device is the father of the temperature gauge amongst other modern condition indicators in motor vehicles.

You can find the a history of  Motometers here

You can find information on the Boyce and other Motometers here on Wikipedia

There is a further site Moto Meter Collector here

AACA Museum, Inc. to present “Tucker – How it All Began” – Kurt Ernst @Hemmings


Seventy years after the closure of his namesake automobile company, and 63 years after his death in December 1956, Preston Tucker remains a compelling figure in the history of the American automobile. The Cammack Tucker Gallery of the AACA Museum, Inc., in Hershey, Pennsylvania, houses one of the world’s finest collections of Tucker automobiles and memorabilia, and on Saturday, January 26, the museum will present Tucker–How it All Began with marque experts Mark Lieberman and John Tucker Jr., grandson of Preston Tucker.

Read Kurt’s article here


The Village of Fairview and the Detroit Driving Club By: Nick Sinacori


After mentioning the Detroit Driving Club in a previous article 

I thought I’d look into the club a little further, to this end I came with an article from Nick Sinacori on the MotorCities National Heritage website.

The first Detroit Driving Club, also known as the Hamtramck Racetrack, was founded in 1832 at Jefferson and Van Dyke, in Hamtramck Township.

Read Nick’s article about the history of the  Village of Fairview and The Detroit Driving Club here

Members Rally To Evacuate Vintage BMWs From the California Wildfires


A California wildfire good news story from the BMW Car Club of America

With wildfires looming on the edge of Sonoma, and evacuation in effect, Jim Smith faced a nightmare of logistics: His collection of vintage BMWs, ranging from a 1929 Dixi to a pair of 502 Baroque Angels—not to mention the 315/1 and 328 roadsters, the 327 cabriolets, the lone surviving 327 pillarless coupe, and an Isetta or two—would have to be moved. But only two or three of the cars had even been started in the last few years. With time running short, and skies darkened by smoke and ash, Smith called friends in the BMW CCA—who called other friends, friends with trailers, friends with firm bonds of affection for Smith and his cars, which had often been featured at Monterey.

Read the rest of Nate Risch’s story here


Tucker club merges with AACA Museum; “Clubs are not what they used to be” – Daniel Strohl Hemmings


With just a fraction of its peak membership and dwindling engagement, The Tucker Automobile Club of America has reached an existential moment; the official partnership it announced this week with the AACA Museum proposes not only to save the club but also to serve as a prototype for other car clubs nearing their own ends.

Read Daniel Strohl’s article here on Hemmings, this may be the way of things for clubs and museums to thrive in the future?




DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible – Interview with Author & Historian Chris Parnham


My latest guest is Chris Parnham, the co-author of “DeLorean – Celebrating the Impossible” an excellent book which is available from Amazon or the better option of a signed copy from The DeLorean Owners Club UK here

Chris is currently the historian of the DeLorean Owners Club UK after performing Secretary duties for a number of years.

Chris has owned 17 DeLorean’s many of which are very rare, and has also managed to buy his original back!

Listen to the informative and entertaining interview with Chris below: