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Tetanus Cord Proves Custom Work Is Art, Without a Doubt – Elena Gorgan @autoevolution

Tetanus Cord Proves Custom Work Is Art, Without a Doubt – Elena Gorgan @autoevolution


Not that there is much doubt about it among car enthusiasts, but custom work is art. British designer and customizer Andy Saunders is proof of that.

As part of autoevolution’s Custom Builds Month coverage, we’ve already discussed a couple of Saunders’ most famous projects: the MINI HaHa and Claustro Phobia, another MINI that held the Guinness World Record for the lowest car. If these two builds did not get you thinking “wow, this is art!,” Tetanus will.

The name might not be very artsy, but this build is a monument of sophistication and elegance, artistry and wild creativity. Tetanus Cord, or Tetanus for short, started out as a 1937 Cord 812 Westchester sedan and came with a very interesting history. It belonged to royalty and then came very close to becoming a race car, before being suddenly and mysteriously abandoned on a field for decades.

An original right-hand drive export model meant for the UK market, the Cord was sold as new by R.S.M Automobiles of Berkeley Square, London to the Earl of Derby, according to Saunders’ official webpage. The Earl drove it for a few years before deciding to part ways with it: Saunders believes it had developed a gearbox problem and the owner probably thought buying a new one was less of a hassle than having it fixed. Rich people mentality

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Automotive Design Oral History Project – The Reminiscences of Gordon Buehrig


This is an excellent interview with Gordon Buehrig from back in 1989 carried out as part of the Automotive Oral History Project.

Cord 810

Some of the cars designed by  Gordon Buehrig were the Stutz Black Hawk, Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster, Duesenberg J, Duesenberg J, 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, and, perhaps the car he’s most known for, the Cord 810/812. He also invented the removable T-top, patented in 1951

I’ve actually visited the excellent ACD Museum in Auburn Indiana and there is a display of Buehrig artefacts.

The Buehrig interview is here




Cord Complete – A Study of the Cord 810 and 812 Automobile


My favourite classic cars of all time are the Cord 810/812’s

This was increased after we visited the Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum in Auburn Indiana a few years ago.

An excellent book was written by the late Josh B. Malks called Cord Complete It was his second book on the subject, his first: Cord 810/812 – The Timeless Classic has become a classic itself. Details of the book can be found here on the excellent “Old Motor” online magazine. The ACD museum site is on this link.

It’s a wonderful place with an amazing Art Deco Showroom and a lot of the original artefacts from the days of Gordon Buehrig and E.L.Cord