1987 Ford Ranger Survivor Ranger XLT with Low Mileage and Immaculate Condition, One Owner

I don’t often post stuff from eBay, but I was sorely tempted by this one I have to say!


Here is the listing

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Having previously owned a US Spec Ranger the bug lurks near the surface


1938 Lincoln Zephyr Barn Garage Find Rare on eBay

1938 Lincoln Zephyr Barn Garage Find Rare NO RESERVE

1938 Lincoln Zephyr Barn Garage Find Rare NO RESERVE

My heart says buy it, my brain and the post Brexit £ to $ exchange rate says no sadly 😦

Lovely vehicle, take a look here

Automotive American eBay UK Pick – 1961 FORD FALCON 2.8 STRAIGHT SIX AUTO 2 DOOR SEDAN

From time to time I’m going to pick what I see as a “nice” American car for sale on eBay UK.Totally my choice and idea of “nice” comments welcome!

My pick is –

1961 Ford Falcon Sedan, tidy looking car for sale here on eBay



I have no connection with any of the vendors or cars that I may list here.





The Final Piece!

As you may know the car came with a very poor quality hydraulic brake conversion, to rectify this I gathered the parts to convert the system to the superior 46-48 single adjuster system. I was however missing two grease boxes for the rear. Luckily I’ve managed to track down a pair on eBay from a nice gentleman called Al for a very reasonable cost. Hopefully these will be winging across the pond shortly!

Grease boxes shown below

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For Sale! (Update, Sold, Sold, Sold, :))

For Sale

The old set of 39 – 42 backplates removed from the Model A this week!

Click here to see listing

Update 31/07/15

Managed to sell the old brake set up to a very nice man from Oxford, they will live on as part of his A pickup project !

Winter Project: Home Made Blasting Cabinet

As I’ve got many horribly dirty and grimy parts on the A, I thought this looked a handy little project for the small parts (found in the magazine Practical Classics August 2014 edition)

I have all the items with the exception of the gloves, which I’ve ordered from eBay.

I’ll post some pictures once our version is in progress.


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The Anti-Concours: 1918 Stutz Hot Rod

The Anti-Concours: 1918 Stutz Hot Rod
Sure wish I was at Pebble Beach right now… Back in 2011 Josh and I had the opportunity to attend many of the events that take place every August on the Monterey Peninsula. We sure had a great time. It seems that everyone else did too and they must have told all their friends about it. Hotel room prices have skyrocketed as a result so we will have to be content watching from a distance yet again this year. To honor all those fancy machines sitting on the manicured lawns this morning, I wanted to featured this 1918 Stutz. Now, this is not like any Stutz you are going to see at the concours. Some might call it a blasphemy, but I think it’s just plain cool. Find it here on eBay in Lansdale, Pennsylvania for $21,500 or best offer.
Read more at http://barnfinds.com/the-anti-concours-1918-stutz-hot-rod/#3WZVA3vBwmQQ6jAg.99

Kill Switch

Finally got around to fitting the kill switch on the Model A. With a car this old it’s nice to be able to kill the electrics when parked in the garage, this saves lifting the floor boards each time to disconnect the battery. Nifty bracket from O’Neill Vintage Ford which utilises the starter bolt, vintage style kill switch courtesy of eBay.

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Herald Alternator Update, Good old eBay! (originally published in 2009)

I had been keeping an eye out for the correct alternator bracket for the Herald as I wasn’t happy with the bodged up dynamo bracket.

A Dolomite 1500 was being broken for spares and I managed to buy the alternator mounting and adjusting brackets.

These as expected fitted well, and the belt adjusted correctly.

The belt pulley run also looks straight and the original belt can still be used,

Triumph Herald Screen Washer Conversion (originally published in 2009)

The old fashioned push screen washer pump failed on the old girl, so I spent £12 or so on eBay and converted it to electric screen washers.

The pump fits very nicely above the washer bottle and I installed a nice little switch where the old pump went. The switch almost matches the heater blower switch, so looks OK!