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The Truth About Why Edelbrock is Moving Its HQ – STEPHANIE DAVIES-BARDEKOFF @Dragzine


If you have a classic Ford in your garage, there’s a pretty big chance there’s at least one part on it marked with the name Edelbrock. The company, whose name is etched into the history of American muscle cars, manufactures carburetors, camshafts, cylinder heads, superchargers, and more. Since its founding by Vic Edelbrock Sr. in 1938, Edelbrock has operated out of Torrance, California, but we’ve received word today that its headquarters will soon have a new home in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP) acquired Edelbrock in 2010, and recently made headlines by also acquiring the COMP Performance Group (CPG) – including COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST, ZEX, Inglese, and others. Edelbrock is moving to merge its operations with CPG. The transition has been in planning since October but began in earnest on January 15th and will continue through March 31st. The Torrance location housed sales, advertising, research and development, testing, and some manufacturing departments.

“We have a 300,000 square-foot facility in Olive Branch that will be the headquarters for five power brands – Edelbrock, COMP Cams, TCI, FAST, and Russell,” stated Chris Douglas, Chief Commercial Officer at the Edelbrock Group. “Today it is the central distribution center for all our products. A portion of that facility, which is currently vacant, will be utilized for manufacturing Edelbrock intake manifolds. We only occupy about a third of the front side of the office complex, which will be fully occupied with the transition.”

COMP’s current front-office at Democrat Road in Memphis, TN will also be part of the move to Olive Branch following the migration of Torrance employees and equipment.

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Legendary Auto Parts Manufacturer Edelbrock Is Shutting Down Its Headquarters – Rob Stumpf @TheDrive


If there’s one aftermarket performance company whose name is synonymous with classic American muscle, it just might be Edelbrock. As the manufacturer of carburetors, camshafts, cylinder heads, and more, Edelbrock has built a trusted reputation amongst classic car owners across the nation. There’s a reason the company calls itself “the most respected name in performance.”

This week, though, Edelbrock seems to be hurting. Daily Breeze has uncovered a filing with the California Employment Development Department which shows that Edelbrock will be closing its long-standing headquarters in Torrance,.

According to the filing, Edelbrock notified the EDD earlier this month that it would be permanently closing its Torrance base, affecting the facility’s 270 employees with an unconfirmed number of layoffs. This includes workers in the company’s office-based divisions like sales and advertising, as well as employees in the research and development, testing, and manufacturing areas. It did not list a reason for the closure.

In addition to the Torrance facility, California also has houses the two Edelbrock Foundries locations on adjacent properties in San Jacinto, California, roughly 95 miles east. It’s not clear how many employees will be relocated to the foundries. The company also has a distribution center in Mississippi, plus its carburetor division and its brand new Race Center in North Carolina.

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The Top 20 Aftermarket Parts of All Time (#3): Edelbrock Slingshot Intake Manifold – David Fuller @OnAllCylinders


The 3rd article in the On All Cylinders series of The Top 20 Aftermarket Parts of All Time features the Edelbrock Slingshot Intake Manifold. The article also has some great history around Edelbrock the company and Vic Edelbrock the man.

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