Oil Pan

Oil Pan Saga Continues

Advertisements Still working on the oil pan, and have been having a real issue getting it relocated. It would appear that there has been a long standing issue with the front engine mounting, (and possibly others), that has caused the… Read More ›

Parts Quality

Advertisements My new parts for the oil pan job arrived today and I was stunned by the difference in quality between the oil pan gasket sets from the different suppliers. Here is the latest arrival, if you look back a… Read More ›

And another thing…

Advertisements Just about to put the sump back on when I decided to double check the oil return pipe which I had found in the oil pan when we removed it. The pipe has damaged threads, doesn’t look like an… Read More ›

Dent in the Oil Pan

Advertisements Whilst I was cleaning up the oil pan I noticed a nasty little dent in the bottom. No sign that it’s been leaking, so I think I’ll take a chance on it. Famous last words!

Break in the Weather

Advertisements Just for a change the wind and rain subsided for the evening, so the oil pan and associated parts got cleaned. Went old school and used paraffin which took me back to the old days somewhat With some… Read More ›

Oil Pan Update

Advertisements Still working on the oil pan, got the oil gallery slotted plug out of the block without too much drama and inserted the oil pump retainer tool ready for re installation  of the oil pan. Bought some paraffin today… Read More ›