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Oil Pan is Installed But…..


Due to various reasons, it’s taken quite a while to get the oil pan reinstalled.

Sadly with victory in sight, I now have a bad oil leak on the left front side of the engine as you look at it 🙁

So pretty disappointed, investigation will begin at the w/e.

Onwards and upwards!

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Oil Pan Saga Continues


Still working on the oil pan, and have been having a real issue getting it relocated.

It would appear that there has been a long standing issue with the front engine mounting, (and possibly others), that has caused the clearance between the front cross member and the oil pan to be considerably reduced.

As you can see a plate has been added under the front engine mount, which isn’t standard for sure!

Will be investigating the replacement of the front engine mounting prior to refitting the oil pan.

I have managed to bend the oil thrower on the front crank gear whilst trying to install the oil pan with a lack of clearance.

So not only do I need to sort the engine mounts, I also need to ensure that the oil thrower is as straight as I can get it without fouling.

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Parts Quality


My new parts for the oil pan job arrived today and I was stunned by the difference in quality between the oil pan gasket sets from the different suppliers.

Here is the latest arrival, if you look back a few posts and compare this with the Mac’s part you be able to see the difference. You’ll notice that this states strictly not to use any sealer!

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My oil drain pipe has also arrived today, (Mac’s Part), so hopefully it’ll be OK, and there is enough thread in the main cap to lock it in place.

More Oil Pan Activity (Yes it was too green!)


Yes I think the pan was too green so I went for black, I think you’ll agree it looks a darn sight better? 🙂

Got the oil pump cleaned, the pan painted and the gasket & seals in place, but ran into some issues with the plastic snap ups. Will try again with some metal locating studs, watch this space.

Thanks to Mrs F for the delicate trimming of seals 🙂


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Break in the Weather


Just for a change the wind and rain subsided for the evening, so the oil pan and associated parts got cleaned. Went old school and used paraffin which took me back to the old days somewhat 🙂

With some good weather over the Easter weekend I can hopefully give everything a final clean, paint and refit.

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Removing Model A Oil Pan Baffle/Dipper Pan & Cleaning


I’ve had a good read and check on the forums about how to remove the oil pan baffle on the Model A. This is the method I chose, maybe not the best, but it worked OK for me 🙂

Video here:


As you can see there was plenty of sludge under the baffle!

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I used a combination of 3-1 Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser ,soap and water and a pressure cleaner. Might give it a final wash with paraffin to finish it off. Also removed the old rope and cork seals and scraped the old gasket material from the oil pan & block surfaces.

Model A Sump/Oil Pan Clean Out


In the UK we call it a “sump” in the US it’s called an “oil pan” whatever you want to call it I removed it today to give it a clean out. It’s not as sludged up as I feared it might be especially as the oil looked horrendous as I was draining it out. Another added bonus was the lack of any noticeable metal filings in the drain bowl. As most people know the Model A Ford has a pump assisted splash engine lubrication system for want of a better description, plus the Model A was born in the days before detergent oils meaning that the sludge would build up in the engine over time causing a lack of lubrication and probable engine damage. My oil pan has about 2 inches of sludge in the the bottom of the pan, plus some residual sludge in the crankcase. With the oil pan removed you can get a view of the crank &  cam shafts, which is of particular interest as I have a bit of an engine knock on cold start. Hopefully we are not looking at mains or big ends as the has babbitt style bearings. Next steps will be clean the pan & crankcase before removing all the old gasket material prior to refitting the pan. For part of the job I used a Ford spanner given to me by my Dad about 35 years ago!

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