1963 Monte Carlo Rally Plate From Bo Ljungfeldt’s Ford Falcon

This week I took delivery of a 1963 Monte Carlo Rally plate that I recently purchased.  The plate is the actual rally plate that was on the hood of the 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint that was entered by the Ford Motor Company.  The 1963 Falcon Sprint was an early Ford small car fitted with their small block V8 engine.  These were in the days before the Mustang was available.  For 1963, the Ford Falcon V8 engine displaced 260 cubic inches.  The Falcon with rally plate number 233 was driven by the Sweden’s Bo Ljungfeldt.

My New 1963 Monte Carlo Plate From The Number 223 Ford Falcon 

This plate had been hanging on a wall in Maryland since the early 1980s.  The previous owner bought it in an antiques shop in Maryland in the early 1980s.  It is not known how the rally plate got to Maryland before that time.  I…

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Ford Celebrated Falcon Performance At The 1963 Monte Carlo Rally

Earlier this week I posted on this website that I had acquired the rally plate that was on the 1963 Ford Falcon driven by Bo Ljungfeldt that took part in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally.  Since then I have been contacted by several people about the performance of the Ford Falcon at the Monte Carlo Rally.  In 1963, the Ford Motor Company even used the results from the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally in their advertising.

The following four-page Ford advertisement came from a very informative organization – the Automotive History Preservation Society.




In addition to that advertisement, Ford also had a more stylized advertisement shown below.  The advertisement shows a fully optioned Ford Falcon Sprint which looked nothing like the Ford Falcon Sprint that competed in the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally.  Note that the scene implies that this was the actual rally car on roads typical of…

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Vital Signs from ArcLite Fab & Gas Monkey Collaboration – Brian Bass

Really nice to camera piece from ArcLite Fab in which Brian discusses his approach and Hot Rod philosophy.

As a bonus I’ve also added the Gas Monkey  piece to camera with Brian during his recent Hot Rod build collaboration which was featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine


A Mustang Plaque Idea

One Man And His Mustang

This little project has been bouncing around in my head for a number of years now and I finally got round to doing something about it. When my car was restored I kept the original Mustang Coral from the grill for a while even though one of the support legs was broken. But, I repaired it and fitted back to the completed car as i wanted the original on the car, people kept saying “why the old Coral it’s a bit knackered?” Eventually seeds of doubt were sown, then I got worried that the Coral would fracture again and fall off causing all sorts of damage. It was a sad day when I took it off, but I replaced it with a nice shiny one and I stopped getting the same question. So, I still had the original Coral, and some original emblems that were on the fender. Those 289 emblems…

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In the Garage: Damaged Model “A” Ford Sport Coupe – The Old Motor

Really interesting piece from The Old Motor especially being a Model Sport Coupe Owner albeit a 29 🙂

The article shows a damaged 1930 Sport Coupe pictured at a body shop for what we can assume is estimate and eventual repair.

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Easy A – 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster – David Conwill at Hemmings

The 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster provided classic Model A fun with modern safety and accessibility

A good overview of the Shay by David Conwill of Hemmings here.

I nearly bought a Shay but ended up with the real thing, I’m glad when you see them next to each other you can see the real deal is better as I did at Volo. you can read the post here

A v Shay

Don’t get me wrong I think they have their place and are a good fun option.

Some more on Shay and the replica car movement here


How much is my Model “A” Ford worth? – by Grant MacLaren

How much is my Model “A” Ford worth?

This is a question that is often asked in forums, at club meetings and just about everywhere where Model A owner gather either physically or virtually!

Grant McLaren’s article gives some good advice and pointers to help answer this burning question, read on here