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14 tips for buying vintage car parts online – Thomas A. DeMauro @Hemmings


Buying a used anything that you haven’t actually held in your hands, from a seller that you don’t really know, can be a daunting proposition. Yet, since we can’t have a swap meet in our backyard each weekend, and most times the parts we desire for our vintage cars are hundreds of miles away, we roll the dice and hope for the best, in an effort to get our projects finished.

If you’ve found yourself participating in an online treasure hunt, wading through auction listings and/or classifieds in search of those elusive gems, here are a few tips to help you reduce the risk and still hopefully get a good deal. This is not meant to be an in-depth primer of how to buy parts online that covers every nuance of the process. Rather it’s simply some considerations I mull over when I’m doing it, so please feel free to add your tips to the mix.

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