Did Henry Design the Model T as a Multi Fuel Vehicle? – Hemming’s Daniel Strohl

Interesting article from Daniel Strohl at Hemming’s.

Fact Check: Henry Ford didn’t design the Model T as a multi-fuel vehicle
Fact Check: Henry Ford didn’t design the Model T as a multi-fuel vehicle

Was the Model T designed to run on Multi Fuels?

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The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) celebrated  America’s Road Trip Century by following Edsel Ford’s epic 1915 journey from Detroit to San Francisco. The HVA will be driving a 1915 Ford Model T that is similar to the car Edsel Ford drove. The event incorporated the centennial celebrations of the Ford Estate at Fair Lane and Panama-Pacific International Exposition the historic departure and destination points for Edsel Ford’s trip. Follow the trip here. H J Caulkins Jr created a limited edition leather bound souvenir book documenting the trip, not many copies still survive, some pictures can be seen here and here



Spring is around the corner

The weather is getting more spring like by the day which means those of us with limited workshop space can start working on our jalopies. I’ve spun the coupe around so that I can remove and clean the sump out. Also I can hopefully get the front axle removed and get the kingpins, brakes, dog bones  and all the other front stuff whilst leaving the car in place. But as you can see, space is a bit tight 🙂

The River Rouge Plant Dearborn MI

Looking at some old photos of my visit to the River Rouge Plan in Dearborn, the place where my A was born!! The 20 millionth Ford which happened to be a Model A was included in the display ( a 1931 slant windshield Town Sedan 160B) A video can be found on the excellent Ford Garage Website which can be found here


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Visit to the John Mould Paradise Collection

Took a visit to the John Mould Paradise Collection today, the collection is located at Burghfield nr Reading UK.

A wonderful collection of vehicles, both cars & trucks, in particular a number of really nice Model A’s.

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The Year in Cars: 1929

The Year in Cars: 1929

Mac’s Motor City Garage explores another pivotal year for the American auto industry: 1929. 

The year 1929 was notable from a number of angles. First, it marked the founding of the market segment that came to be known as The Low-Priced Three: Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. In the years to come, these cars would often hold the top three slots in total sales as well.

Henry Ford’s replacement for the Model T, the all-new Model A introduced for the 1928 model year, was plagued with development problems and running production changes throughout its first season. But once the bugs were sorted out, the new Ford sold over one million units in the first half of 1929 alone.