Blue Collar Beauty – 1937 Hudson Terraplane – Mike McNessor @Hemmings

Classic Truck: 1937 Hudson Terraplane Terraplane’s Cab Pickup Express might look a little too jaunty for the job site but, by 1937 standards, this was a stout light truck. If you glanced under the rear of a Series 70, and… Read More ›


Some suspension of disbelief required. In the middle 1960s, North Americans weren’t limited to just Chrysler, Ford and GM when shopping for a new Midwest-built pickup truck — they could buy a Gladiator from Kaiser-Jeep or a C-Series made by International Harvester as well…. Read More ›

Arguably the world’s toughest & most beautiful truck ever created. – Legacy Classic Trucks

Welcome to the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion. The Gentleman’s Choice. Handcrafted by artisan auto mechanics at Legacy Classic Trucks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion is the truck for the serious collector looking to recreate the ruggedness… Read More ›

GMC Syclone Returns In Form Of Souped Up, 455-HP Canyon – Chris Bruce

These trucks even wear the original Syclone emblem. The folks at Specialty Vehicle Engineering revive the famous GMC Syclone moniker for a new performance pickup using the modern GMC Canyon as a starting point. Where the original Syclones pack 280 horsepower (209 kilowatts) from a 4.3-liter… Read More ›

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