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How To Replace Kingpin Bushing And Assemble An Early Ford Front Suspension – Matt Murray @IronTrap Garage

How To Replace Kingpin Bushing And Assemble An Early Ford Front Suspension – Matt Murray @IronTrap Garage


Another excellent video from Matt at Irontrap Garage

It’s time to build the entire front suspension of the Schroll 32 Coupe. Matt shares some tips and tricks that make rebuilding an Early Ford front end a breeze!! – Get 15% Off Your Eastwood Order With The Coupon Code ITG15 At Checkout * Some Products Excluded – – Tools Used – – Eastwood Fast Etch –…​ – Eastwood Adjustable Painting Rack –…​ – Trick Shot Penetrating Lubricant –…

History and Detail on Solid-Axle Front Suspension – Dan Kahn @HotRodNetwork


Excellent article from Dan Kahn that does what it says on the tin, taking the reader through the history of solid axle front suspension in great detail. This piece is not only of interest to the historians amongst us, it will also be of great use to those who are building or modifying a car with the suspension of this type.





The Front End!


Now the A is at Simon’s we began by removing the front axle to facilitate the replacement of :

  • Front Spring
  • King Pins
  • Front Brakes & Backing Plates (From 37 -41 to 46-48)
  • Re-engineer front hydraulic brakes (terrible job before I bought the car :))

Those of you that have seen previous posts will know that the front king pins have been somewhat modified in a bad way to say the least! Once we got the spindles off it was even worse than we thought. The king pin bushes had been shimmed to take up excess wear in the spindles. So Simon’s Dad fabricated some custom king pin bushes from scratch as the ones in the kit just dropped through the king pin locating holes! Simon fitted the bushes and modified to allow greasing of the bushes moving forward

The two galleries give a small idea of the amount of work involved.

Whilst we were about it we decided to make things look nice by cleaning and painting as many components as possible 🙂

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