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The right air filter for Stromberg 97s (Wish I’d seen this earlier!) @Stromberg

The right air filter for Stromberg 97s (Wish I’d seen this earlier!) @Stromberg


Here’s a 2013 article from the Stromberg website that I wish I’d seen earlier, I can 100% confirm the accuracy of the findings!

Performance issues with the Helmet Filter, very poor when warm, massive over fueling.

Will take the advice in the article in terms of the K&N element and see how it goes

From the article –

Our buddy Lez dug into his legendary vintage magazine stash for this great Street Rodder magazine tech article all about choosing the best air filters for your Stromberg 97s. Written by the highly esteemed Ron Ceridono back in 1998, with input from Stromberg expert Jere Jobe (from Vintage Carburetion North), it is, of course, just as relevant today as then. Sorry about the quality. It’s a scan of a photocopy, but if you click on the pages below, they will come up at a readable size.

While it’s well worth reading every word – hey we’ve even thrown in a free Dick Spadaro ad – if you’re looking for the ‘executive summary’, it’s this….. “if you have an air filter on your 97, make sure it’s a K&N E-3120”. Here’s why: Click the pages below to view, or ‘right-click’ this link to download the 2-page pdf. Choosing The Right Air Filter

Fuel Line Danger Ethanol?


I was recently doing some work to diagnose the running issue on the Model A, as part of this I was applying some extra heat protection for the fuel system.

To my horror I noticed that the recently installed nitrile fuel line had begun to show significant cracking which of course could result in a fire risk if the cracks got bad enough

After some research and the verdict is don’t use nitrile fuel line with ethanol!

This hose has now been swapped out for Gates 3225 fuel line across the board The Gates line is much better quality as you can see.

Let’s see how it goes

Tech 101: Fuel-line hose – what you should and should not use – Jim O’Clair @Hemmings


Most vehicle repair shops are encountering a lot of fuel-line-related issues since the introduction of ethanol into America’s pump gas. Because of ethanol’s effects on rubber, plastic and metals, they are finding themselves spending a lot more time fixing fuel delivery systems than they did in the days of leaded gas and carburetors.

Useful article by Jim at Hemmings to keep you safe!


Carburetor Update


B Carb Copper to Fibre Washers

After my previous woes with the carburettor and refitting the cracked item for the time being I still had the slight fuel leak from the fuel inlet/screen area. After annealing the copper washers there was still an issue. To solve the problem I’ve changed to fibre (fiber) washers, so far so good.

Fuel Filler Screen


I’ve been investigating the fuel screen on the Model A’s fuel tank filler neck.

Purchased the item below from O’Neil’s, however it would appear that there are three different types:

Screw in

Drop in with tabs

Drop in without tabs

My filer neck appears to be made to accept the drop in with tabs type of screen. The item I’ve purchased has no tabs and it appears it would be a really tight fit. Rather than destroy anything I’ve posted a question to my friends on the Ford Barn forum to seek the best way forward.