More HAMB Drags 2015 This Time

Waiting for things to dry up at the 2015 HAMB Drags


Chopping a Sport Coupe

Had a quick discussion with Neil Fretwell of the VHRA at Wheels Day about our respective Sport Coupes. Neil’s has a really nice roof chop, and he’s kindly sent me a link to a H.A.M.B  thread with some details and pictures. Food for thought in the future maybe? 🙂

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Neil Fretwell's Chopped Sport Coupe

Neil Fretwell’s Chopped Sport Coupe


Flathead 101 From the Jalopy Journal

The Flathead Ford is still the engine of cool for traditionalists in the Hot Rod & Custom Car worlds. Here on the blog I always like to feature items and articles that spread the Flathead word & its storied history. This article from Ryan at the Jalopy Journal is from 2006, and is excellent!

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The Race of Gentlemen – which this year is being sponsored by Hemmings Motor News

In the lead-up to The Race of Gentlemen – which this year is being sponsored by Hemmings Motor News along with the likes of Harley-Davidson, Craftsman Tools, Stromberg and Edelbrock – we’ll be dedicating some airtime here on the blog to pre-event coverage.

Turn out here for the VHRA event appears to have been better as my friend Mr Cochran says “about time we beat the Yanks at something”

Race Of Gentlemen

Rear Brakes & Axle Shafts

Took a first look at my rear hubs, brakes & axle shafts this weekend, learned a lot 🙂

Learned that the rear axle shafts had been shimmed, also learned that this is pretty common practice 🙂

Learned that the rear shoes need some attention, along with the backplates and hardware.

Happy that I was able to remove the hubs with my three legged puller, and I need a different castellated nut for the OSR (I think?? )

Got some useful info from the H.A.M.B. always 🙂

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What the Hell???

More for the list!!
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Default Re: Identification of Steering Parts

37-41 Spindles.
39-41 brake backing plates, heel of shoe adjustments at bottom.

What in the hell is that shim looking crap shoved between the axle knuckle and the slpindle back?
I’ll answer my own question… it appears to be shims to take up slack/wobble in the kingpins. Take all that stuff apart, clean it up, and see if the kingpin bushings and pins are slap worn out or the hole in the axle boss is wallowed out, it will be one or all of that.

57 Varities of Brakes!!

Started looking at the brakes today and found a bit of a mix and match situation. The 1929 Model originally had manual “rod” type brakes. It was common practice to use hydraulic brakes from the later 30’s and 40’s Fords. My friends on the H.A.M.B. (Hokey Ass Message Board) have assured me that what I have will be OK if the the wheel cylinders are the same bore.

“The one front and one rear backing plates shown are ’39-’41 style brakes with the adjustable lower anchors.

The two different style hub/drum shown are interchangeable, no cause for concern.

The ’39-’41 used a different sized front wheel cylinder as compared to the ’42-’48 brakes; but all the aftermarket replacements are the larger (later) size, which is not a problem if used in pairs.”

The next task will be to inspect everything and get a modified handbrake cable ordered from the States.

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Vacuum Wiper Motors (Model A Ford Restoration)

The motors are showing all 80 odd years of age and are vacuum operated.

The left hand one is just about operable, the right hand has a few broken components.

Both have now been removed whilst I decide the best way forward.

Vacuum Wiper Motor

Vacuum Wiper Motor

Vacuum Wiper Motor

Vacuum Wiper Motor

Vacuum Wiper Motor

Vacuum Wiper Motor