A look back at Brazilian Ford as the company closes the book on a century of carmaking there – David Conwill @Hemmings

The Blue Oval brand has been present in Brazil since 1904, Ford Motor Company’s second year in business. The Brazilian market became increasingly important to Ford over the years and in 1919 Dearborn founded a separate branch for the Portuguese-speaking… Read More ›

Over a 30-year run, the Jeep Wagoneer hardly changed and entirely transformed at the same time – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

The horizontal grille of the very last 1991 Grand Wagoneer luxury sport-utility vehicle hid some of the same sheetmetal stampings that supported the basic and utilitarian upright grille on the very first 1963 Wagoneer. That’s long led to a belief… Read More ›

Did American Motors really poach the Rambler V-8 design from Kaiser-Frazer? – David Conwill @Hemmings

Success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. Lee Iaccoca made sure everyone associated him with the success of the Mustang, but who is to blame for the Edsel? Digging into those stories illuminates business culture even today.One interesting anecdote,… Read More ›

From Ford’s 1964 World’s Fair pavilion to vintage racing, the UK’s National Motor Museum has hours of video fun – Mike Austin @Hemmings

Being based in the UK, the footage tends towards European interests, such as rally racing and Ford’s consumer offerings there. Like this footage from the East African Safari Rally of 1969. But there’s a whole lot of American Ford available too,… Read More ›

At nearly 300,000 miles, this 1967 Cutlass Supreme convertible is still driven daily by its original owner -Thomas A. DeMauro @Hemmings

Imagine the level of commitment required to retain the only new car you’ve ever purchased as your primary transportation for the rest of your life. Connie Milburn of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, is doing just that with her 1967… Read More ›

Banks, restaurants, and museum pieces: Second acts for vintage gas stations around the U.S. – Michael Milne @Hemmings

There’s a scene in the movie Back to the Future where Michael J. Fox’s character watches a car pull up to a 1950’s gas station as a crew of bowtie-wearing uniformed attendants rushes out to fill the tank, check the oil, and… Read More ›

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