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Shade tree epicness: What could possibly go wrong? – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


Here at Hemmings Muscle MachinesWeekly, it’s no secret that we take pride in our work. And we’ll take that a step further, and say that we don’t mess around when it comes to safety in the shop and doing things right the first time. Now, that’s not to say we don’t do some things that we may or may not regret later, but we don’t make a habit of that. Mostly.

One thing we do like to take part in is the dissection of vintage photographs like this one. Is this scene something we’d feel comfortable taking some responsibility for? Would we ever find ourselves handing this guy tools and maybe a beer at the end of the day? Would get under that thing if a bolt dropped on the ground? These are the questions of the ages, kid. And the answers aren’t just as cut-and-dry or as obvious as one might think. What kind of advice would you give this guy? And have you ever owned a lift like that? Looks like it’s a legit, manufactured apparatus, but….

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WATCH THIS: A Galaxie far, far away – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


Red Dawn!

The muscle car world is in a real state of change right now. Can you feel it? We know we can: there’s so much great stuff going on and so many amazing new go-fast goodies being designed and unleashed on our poor, overheated credit cards that we can barely stand it. If you hear anyone say that this ain’t the Glory Days of muscle cars, tell them to come see us and we’ll get ’em some religion.

And what does all that literal tonnage of new speed parts make us want to do? Go find a killer, old carrying case to bolt it all into, of course! So, when we see a kid pull something like this ’64 Ford Galaxie out of a backyard, get a buddy to drag it onto a trailer, get another known accomplice to help, all the while fully-geeked that he actually owns the thing, well, friends…it just warms our little black hearts.

Whoever said that the kids don’t care about old cars is either not hanging out with the right kids or just isn’t paying close attention. In the words of Ricky in American Beauty, “…it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.”

VIDEO: Sifting for precious metals in them hills – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


 Rusty gold discovered

What’s the one thing that unites all gearheads? The one pilgrimage that we all dream about? That one singular experience that separates us from mere mortals…or, at least, the smarter guy on the block? The fabled junkyard run, of course!

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VIDEO: Build a hemi in less than 10 minutes! – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


WATCH THIS: Hemify your life

There are few things as satisfying as watching an old motor undergoing a fresh rebuild, amiright? There’s just something about a vintage cast-iron block and all those imperfections being perfected that warms an otherwise blackened gearhead heart. The aroma of assembly lube and fresh hi-temp paint, gasket sealer and metal polish…those are pleasures that mere mortals will die before ever experiencing.

And especially with an old mill like a ’51 – ’53 Chrysler V8: these early Hemi blocks were cast with their bellhousings, which makes them just a skosh more readily available, these days, than their later, bigger 392 cousins. Which also means there’s a better chance of you finding one and experiencing the sheer joy of owning, rebuilding and running your very own early Hemi. That’s just bucket-list stuff, right there.

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The Muscle Staple: American Racing wheels – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


Interesting historical accessory article on the creator of the famous American Racing Wheels (“Mag Wheels”). The American Racing Equipment company was formed by Romeo Palamides and partner Jim Ellison in San Francisco in 1956.

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The Stoner T: How to build a hot rod in 10 years (and influence people), part two – Dan Stoner Hemmings


Here’s part two of Dan Stoner’s Model T Hot Rod build, it’s as entertaining as the first!

The first chapter of the Stoner T story ended in the Summer of 2003, when nearly the entire front end of the rolling chassis was stolen from the open carport behind my apartment building. This is the right moment to mention how lucky I’ve been throughout this hot-rod Iliad: Just when everything seems to go wrong, it all goes so right…

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