David Conwill

This unrestored 1966 Dodge Charger offers a unique experience – David Conwill @Hemmings

Plymouth folks are fond of telling you that Dodge stole every good thing Plymouth ever had. Whether that’s a fair assessment or not, it does put an interesting spin on the 1966 Dodge Charger. In 1964, a few months before… Read More ›

Old cars need to be driven… unless they catch fire: The Reliable Carriers Eight Flags Road Tour at Amelia Island – David Conwill @Hemmings

Ask your doctor: If you sit too much, it’s bad for you. The same is true for old cars. Joints stiffen up, moisture takes its various tolls, rubber and leather dry out, tires get flat spotted, gasoline goes stale and… Read More ›

Gow To: Evaluating a Model B four-banger – David Conwill @Hemmings

The Revelator needs a new engine. This is how it’s being done economically. Photo by Dan Beaudry, others by David Conwill and as credited how-to (hou-tü) adj. giving practical instruction and advice (as on a craft) gow (gou) n. automobile modified for speed and performance in the… Read More ›

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