Building a Four-Banger Model A Motor for Street and Race – Hot Rod Deluxe – Scotty Lachenauer

This is what I’d love to do for my Model A at sometime in the future (if I win the lottery 🙂

Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build

Traditional Hot Rod Four Banger Build

Scotty Lachenauer is following the build of a hopped up roadster for TROG

This episode covers the build of a four banger for the project, the article is here



Why Hot Rods are the Best Thing for Social Media

Hot Rods are Social Media’s Fuel according to an article by David Kennedy over on Hot Rod Deluxe. I’d say he’s partially right if you take a look at the range of pictures across Facebook and Instagram etc.

Cars in general,and especially American cars with all the various sub genres and cultures probably formed one of the earliest “Social Networks” before there were such things!

Read the article here >

Beautiful 1933 Ford Three-Window From Hot Rod Deluxe (Scotty Lachenauer)

Great feature on a truly beautiful 33 Ford that actually has Ford power under the hood!

The proud owner of the car is hot rodder Don Nicita, click to read more…