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Sibling Rivalry: Comparing the new 2019 GT350 to the GT350R! – Brett Turnage @HotRod


Is the new 2019 GT350 faster than the old King of the Hill?

The new 2019 GT350 is an amazing car, but just as prevalent as media reports are of its new performance upgrades, what is as noteworthy is the scarcity of any mention of its stablemate, the GT350R. The lack of any mention or comparison between the two has led some to wonder if the R model still exists or whether it still has any purpose in Ford’s lineup. We asked representatives from Ford to discuss the comparison between the two GT350 models and to see if the newly improved 2019 base GT350 defanged the former king of the GT350 family.

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68 Years Later Russ Aves Still Tinkers With 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe – Michael Alan Ross @HotRodNetwork


Michael Alan Ross’s article about the remarkable Russ Aves on the HotRod Network.

Russ is 83 years old and has owned his his three window 32 coupe for 68 years!

Read Russ’s brilliant story here





Prehistoric Bangers – Randy Lorentzen @HotRodnetwork


Bangers are bitchin’, and prehistoric bangers are better yet. There are many dedicated fans of the old-and-slow 201ci, L-head four-bangers originally found in millions of Ford Model Ts, and Model A/B/C-equipped ’28–’34 Fords—and especially of the speed equipment manufactured for them. The good news is they’re popular enough that you don’t need to sweat scouring endless swap-meet spaces to score a find—much of it is reproduced and better than new. Bangers are now hotter than ever

Great article from Randy at Hotrod, read the rest here




How to Remove Broken Bolts and Repair Stripped Threads – Hot Rod Network Staff


A very useful tech article from Hot Rod Network, we’ve all been there!

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I’ve also found a really good site called Danny’s Engine Portal, which has a really good piece on the broken bolts and studs conundrum. Danny’s Engine Portal is here

Single Overhead Valve Head for Flatheads – Zach Martin @Hotrod Network


Mike Herman’s well known H&H Flathead’s and their Dixon SOHV cylinder head are featured in Zach Martin’s HotRod Network article. The Flathead keeps on going and with the support of companies like H&H long may it continue. Read on here

Newly Engineered Flathead V8 Block – Motor City Speed Equipment


Googling around as you do I initially found the story of Mark Kirby’s  newly engineered Flathead V8 block on the Coker Tyres website 

This is a quite old story from back in 2010


This page led to me to the Motor City Speed Equipment (no longer available) Website 

Here you can find some details and specifcations for the newly engineered flathead block, not sure how old this information is?

There is also an old article here on Hot Rod Network

I also found a video on YouTube from 2012 showing Mark discussing the project

I’m not sure what has happened to the project since but some chatter on the H.A.M.B suggests that Jon Hall on Shadow Rods may be involved?