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The 1971 Indy 500 was so much more than the pace car disaster – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


Pretty much all anybody recalls the 1971 Indianapolis 500 for these days was the pace car crash into the photographer’s stand at the start of the race. Or maybe the fact that pre-late show fame David Letterman interviewed Mario Andretti while covering the race for a local TV station. But it also had its merits as a good race, featuring the likes of the Unsers, Mark Donohue, A.J. Foyt, Peter Revson, and other racing greats in what was billed as a battle between Indy 500 veterans and a new crop of road racers driving McLarens who thought they could take on the Indy establishment. Definitely worth watching beyond the pace lap.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway (originally published in 2008)


We were in the States recently and had a vew road trips out of Chicago.
One of the places we visited was Indianapolis and the Motor Speedway

Graham Hill and Jim Clark are mentioned in quite a lot of the exhibits as you would expect.

The museum is pretty good, however I would not make a special trip to see it!