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First Day Road Legal & Tidying Some Wiring

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The Sport Coupe is all registered and UK road legal, a lot of work to do yet but getting there.

Temporary plates whilst I wait for the nice US style ones I’ve ordered from Miles at Jackhammer Speed Shop.

My Wife kindly helped cut out some hardboard for us to stick the vinyl temporary ones on 🙂

Did some under bonnet wiring tidy up today, fitted a new conduit and wires removing the some more of the fire hazard stuff!!

Had a visit from a colourful  interested party along the way 🙂



Home again (eventually)


We are now back after having a spent two hours plus on the runway at O’Hare due to weather radar failure. Its wet and cold here 🙁

Its been a wonderful adventure and I will be creating a web site to bore everyone with 🙂

Karen killed some time having a look in the cockpit whilst we waited for the radar to be fixed !!

Some pictures of Captain Willy and his co pilot of the 777 can be seen above.