Saugatuck and Lake Michigan (originally published in 2008)

Civilised Drive Through!

Uncommon Grounds Indeed.

A Souvenir 🙂

Oval Beach

The Keetwatin Martime Museum
The Suite

Main Street
The River

Deer in the Garden

Whilst we were on the last trip we took a trip up to Saugatuck, a lovely area on Lake Michigan.

We stayed at a very nice place called Bella Vita Spa and Suites, which is just off the pretty main street.

There are lovely beaches and the river is very pretty, particularly Oval Beach.

We found a brilliant little coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds, excellent coffee(roasted on site) really nice food, books and free wi-fi. What more would you need!!

There is another small town nearby called Douglas where we had an excellent dinner at The Everyday People Cafe


Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (originally published in 2008)

The Art Deco Showroom

A picture from the stairs showing an excellent view of the car and the original showroom floor.

Original Clay Model From The Thirties!

Displays of other vehicles that used to be built in the area, such as Studebaker
The preserved building sign outside the showroom in Auburn

As part of our road trip we visited the fantastic Auburn Cord Dusenberg Museum in Auburn IL

The museum has a fantastic display of all three marques (and other cars), and is sited at the old factory and showroom. The showroom is particularly interesting, it has been restored to it’s former art deco glory. The entrance fee is very low and the whole thing is maintained by enthusiasts.

The original offices of E.L.Cord and the design offices have been restored.

There is an excellent Gordon Buehrig exhibit and also his clay models and drawings are on display along with those of the various designers of the three marques.

An excellent museum, well worth a visit!

Whilst we were there we watched the Ben Stiller film “Tropic Thunder” which was really funny.
Strange thing was there were only four people in the cinema including us, during the show the weather was so bad there was a power cut. The reason it was so quiet was that the cinema had only been open for a few days. We stayed at an any excellent Hampton Inn (also brand new) and ate at a Buffalo Wild Wings (very frendly, good food, again brand new) All three were next to each other on a new development just outsise Auburn.

Downtown Indy (originally published in 2008)

We stayed in downtown Indianapolis which was very nice, especially the Monument Circle area.

Stayed at the Hampton Inn Downtown, however this hotel was not up to Hampton’s normal standard.

The parking guys in the area are a little over zealous, so watch out!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (originally published in 2008)

We were in the States recently and had a vew road trips out of Chicago.
One of the places we visited was Indianapolis and the Motor Speedway

Graham Hill and Jim Clark are mentioned in quite a lot of the exhibits as you would expect.

The museum is pretty good, however I would not make a special trip to see it!

Herald Update (originally published in 2008)

Finished sorting out the tiny bit of surface rust under the front footwell carpets.
Only reason it was actually there was that the floor grommets has been pushed through into the car. These were refitted and sealed with silicon sealer, the floor treated with Kurust and a little matt black paint appled to seal it all up.
Made some temporary repairs to the seats and had a go at putting the carpet in a little more tidily.
The kick panels however are not right for the car, fitted them in temporarily until we can either make or buy some replacements.
As you can see the seats are still leaking foam, once again another job for after the MOT.
My Dad popped up and supervised proceedings:-)
We took her on a run of about 25 miles, performance was very good.
Small oil leak from the rocker cover gasket, needs sorting after the pre-MOT.
Fingers crossed!

Triumph Herald

We have a 1966 Triumph Herald which we are currently working on as the MOT is due soon.

Things to do:

Sort out ignition switch

Attend to very slight surface rust on floors

Replace seatbelts

Fit electric washer pump

Sort out perished foam on fron seats

Will keep you posted on the progess

Some information on the Herald

The End

I just noticed the news that the car spindle/kebab made famous by the “Wayne’s World” film has been demolished.

Stories can be found here and

It was for sale on eBay at one point, listing can be found here

Karen and I visited it recently on our trip just in time it would appear 🙂