The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas – From Mac’s Motor City Garage

The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas

The Miraculous Miniature Model T Fords of Ruben Vinyolas

Ruben’s Model T models are exceptional, see the article here on the Mac’s Motor City Garage blog

Ruben Vinylos of Argentina builds meticulously detailed scale models of the Model T Ford. Inspired in part, he says, by Bruce McCalley’s classic 1994 book, Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World, his exquisite replicas are almost indistinguishable from the real thing

You can see more of Ruben’s work at his website here




Henry Ford’s Incredible X-8 Engine

Henry Ford’s Incredible X-8 Engine

Henry Ford’s Incredible X-8 Engine


During my recent interview with Robert Kibbe about Henry Ford on The Muscle Car Place podcast, we discussed Henry’s efforts to put a radial engine into a production vehicle.

This engine was known as the X8 and was the prototype investigated between 1920-1927, it was hoped that this engine would power the Model T replacement.

There is an really good in depth article on the engine on the excellent Mac’s Motor City Garage blog which can be accessed here

It’s a fascinating concept and todays vehicles may have been a lot different if Henry had succeeded, I’ll leave it to you the reader to speculate!



A Video History of the Lincoln Automobile – Mac’s Motor City Garage

The Lincoln Motor Company (also known simply as Lincoln) is a division of the U.S.-based Ford Motor Company that sells luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand. Founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, Lincoln has been a subsidiary of Ford since 1922.

Look back at the history of Lincoln via this video

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

32 Sport Coupe

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Here’s a rare Deuce body style, the Sport Coupe. Ford built fewer than 3,000 units in the USA. The Sport Coupe featured a wood and fabric top resembling a Cabriolet, but fixed in place. This one is tricked out with a shaved grille shell, accessory headlamps, and a ’37 DeSoto bumper.

1932 Ford Sport Coupe

The Year in Cars: 1929

The Year in Cars: 1929

Mac’s Motor City Garage explores another pivotal year for the American auto industry: 1929. 

The year 1929 was notable from a number of angles. First, it marked the founding of the market segment that came to be known as The Low-Priced Three: Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. In the years to come, these cars would often hold the top three slots in total sales as well.

Henry Ford’s replacement for the Model T, the all-new Model A introduced for the 1928 model year, was plagued with development problems and running production changes throughout its first season. But once the bugs were sorted out, the new Ford sold over one million units in the first half of 1929 alone.

Video: Road Runners–an early ’50s hot rodding film



This great old promotional film from 1952 shows original hot rods in action all over Southern California—on the street, at the Santa Ana drag strip, and on the El Mirage dry lake. Don’t miss it!