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Host Dennis Pittsenbarger And Appraiser Addison Brown Talk About Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’- Jason Fogelson @Forbes

Host Dennis Pittsenbarger And Appraiser Addison Brown Talk About Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’- Jason Fogelson @Forbes


Sticker Shock, is like Antiques Road Show for cars.

Discovery Channel’s show, Sticker Shock, is like Antiques Road Show for cars. Airing at 10:00 pm each Wednesday night, Sticker Shock brings together expert appraisers, vehicle owners and their cars in a bustling warehouse space. Prompted by host Dennis Pittsenbarger, each owner tells the story of how they got their car, how much they paid for it, how much they’ve invested in it since, and how much they think it’s worth today. One of the show’s four appraisers (Addison Brown, Randy Carlson, Nick Smith and Todd Wertman) arrives to assess the vehicle from top to bottom, stem to stern, and then presents an estimate of the vehicle’s current range of value. Pittsenbarger debriefs the owner after the appraisal, and we’re on to the next car. It’s a fun, informative hour of television. The owners are the stars – their stories drive the show. But as more episodes have aired, the personalities of the host and appraisers have begun to emerge. I had a chance to speak with two of those personalities in successive phone interviews recently: Dennis Pittsenbarger and Addison Brown. I asked them each a few questions to dig in and find out how they acquired their love of cars and expertise, and how they felt about the experience of working on Sticker Shock.

Sticker Shock, is like Antiques Road Show for cars.

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The Electric Car Future, Good or Bad?


Don’t shoot me but I’ve been considering the electric car and what the impact on both the car hobby and the motor industry in general.

I’ve collected a few articles that may help to clarify where we all might end up?

The first article is by

Oliver Hazimeh is director and head of the global e-Mobility practice at PRTM, a global management consulting firm. He can be reached at

The article is titled “Preparing For The Electric Car Future”

and was published by Forbes here

The article ” Morgan Stanley is wrong – electric cars aren’t going to take over” by Matthew DeBord gives a different slant to things here on Business Insider

Regardless of what we think, wll the major manufacturers are introducing EV programmes which are being supported by the announcement of increasing regulation and eventual banning of the conventional ICE engined vehicle as we know it.

I’m actually looking forward to the convergence of my two areas of interest into one!