Muscle Car

10 of the greatest dealer-special muscle car shops of all time – Scott Oldham @Hemmings

During the horsepower wars of the original muscle car era, it wasn’t just the car companies duking it out for supremacy on the street and strip: Many dealers also got into the ring, adding cubic inches and horsepower over and… Read More ›

A guide to the best ’80s and ’90s muscle cars, and why they’re still affordable – Jeff Koch @Hemmings

Traditional muscle cars aren’t getting cheaper, which has made them increasingly difficult to own and enjoy on a casual basis. With the original era ending nearly half a century ago, solid driver-condition cars—the ones that should, in theory, be available… Read More ›

My Search For American Muscle – Part VI — an amazing run -Reblog PART VI – GETTING TAKEN FOR A RIDE Buckle up for another rough ride. I’m pumping the brakes again. I was excited to find another 1967 Mopar B body convertible for sale on Hemmings the other day. This one… Read More ›

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