NOS, in the GM crate, 1963 (64-65) Rochester Fuel Injection Unit 7017375

Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Very Rare part for that special restoration, 1963 Corvette Z06, split window coupe or simply adding to the parts collection. Part number is 7017375, but can be used on 64-65 vettes too,… Read More ›

Vintage Ford Dealer’s Lincoln Workbench ” backbar” @Hemmings Classifieds

Vintage Lincoln/Ford Dealer’s Transmission Workbench/tool storage cabinet. All steel. From Lumpkin Ford dealership, Waynoka, OK. 11’6” long x 5′ tall x 2′ 2” deep. I’ve had it about 38 years. All original. It’s not been cleaned—as I got it. Always stored inside. Looks… Read More ›

You may be cool, but are you ‘Studebaker Cool?’ – Kurt Ernst @Hemmings

Brooks Stevens’s Sceptre concept, designed for Studebaker. Photo courtesy Milwaukee Art Museum. From its start as a manufacturer of horse-drawn wagons to its demise as an independent automaker competing head-to-head with Detroit’s Big Three, Studebaker enjoyed over a century of… Read More ›

Twenty-five years ago, Oldsmobile pinned its hopes on the Aurora – Kurt Ernst @Hemmings

As the 1990s dawned, Oldsmobile – then America’s oldest automotive brand – was in crisis. Sales were declining, its buyers were aging, and new luxury import brands threatened the division’s very existence. In response, Oldsmobile developed a halo car –… Read More ›

A GM onboard experimental alcohol and drug impairment detection device of the 1970s – Thomas A. DeMauro @Hemmings

Considering the emphasis placed on eliminating impaired driving today, be it due to alcohol, drugs, or other distractions such as texting, it’s interesting to note that back in the 1970s (well before texting) General Motors was seeking solutions. An example… Read More ›

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