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Earliest-known factory Airstream meets earliest-known Byam-built Curtis Wright trailer – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


Vintage trailers are becoming all the range as the ideal companion for vintage and classic cars, having your own trailer makes touring so much more fun and convenient.

Somehow it seems fitting that, though the earliest-known factory-built Airstream featured entirely wooden construction, a full sheathing of aluminum nevertheless preserved it, ensuring a reunion of sorts with the earliest-known Curtis Wright trailer — another one of Wally Byam’s creations — this past summer.

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Flippin’ RV’s


We’ve started to get the TV programme Flippin’ RV’s here on the Travel Channel.

If follows the Flyte Camp vintage RV restoration business based in Bend Oregon run by Anna and Justin Scribner and it’s right in my vintage and Americana wheelhouse!

Taking a look at the portfolio on the Flyte Camp website I was of course drawn to the 1928 Ford House Car

This is a stunning vehicle as it appears is all the work that Flyte Camp produce, I can highly recommend the series it’s a great watch.

You can also find Flyte Camp on YouTube