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LSx Conversion Information for Chevrolet S10 – Philntx

LSx Conversion Information for Chevrolet S10 – Philntx


This post is a compilation of parts, suggestions, tips, and practices to successfully swap an LS-based engine into an S10 Truck (2WD, and Blazer variants)

Most swappers generally underestimate the total costs and time for these conversions.

Keep the engine bay clean. Once the original engine is pulled out, spend $10.00 on some degreaser and a car wash pressure washer. Can of black paint is under $5.00

Since no truck is built the same, it is difficult to put a specific construction price on the conversion. Parts range from complete swap kits from CPW, to junkyard dog conversions (using take off fans, radiators, modified f-body exhaust manifolds, DIY wiring harnesses, etc.)

This will not cover every combination, but will primarily cover the installation of a Stock LS engine and either manual or auto trans in these trucks.


With the exception of the oil pan and exhaust system, the 4WD swaps are essentially the same. This swap will require a custom or fabricated oil pan, fabricated exhaust system, vacuum lines, better cooling, etc. The exhaust may include modified F-Body manifolds or custom headers.

4WD swaps are more labor intensive. Clearances are much tighter. The front differential interferes with every “stock” LSx oil pan. Several swaps have been completed using H3 Alpha pans and dropping the differential by 3/4″

If the back side of the engine is in the same location as the back side of the 4.3, then the front and rear driveshafts will not require modification. However, if you move the engine backwards any (in order to gain clearance for the radiator and fans), this will require shortening the rear and lengthening the front driveshaft.

The 4WD S10 uses a remote oil filtration system, which is an advantage, but requires additional plumbing.

The skid plates (if they retained) hinder air flow out of the engine compartment.

Suppliers of shortie and long-tube headers state that their headers are for 2WD applications.

This will be a closed post, which will be updated for new and/or better suggestions/parts/techniques. (send me a PM for suggestions)

Each component of the swap is in a separate section:

Engine components
Front accessories
Oil Pans
Engine Identification

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2019 Popham Classic Vehicle Rally & Fly In


The annual Popham Classic Vehicle Rally is quite unique in that it also includes a fly in of vintage aircraft into the airfield. The turnout of both cars and  vendors for the swap meet was the largest in recent years. Really good assortment of cars from all categories with American cars being particularly well  represented. Gave the S10 a run out for the event, the weather was fine if a little chilly!

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Adam’s Polishes Waterless Wash, it Really Works!


Whilst the headline here may not be a surprise for many it certainly was for me!

I’d seen waterless washes around for quite a while and I use Meguiars Qucik Detailer quite a bit on “clean” cars but that’s not really a waterless wash.

So I purchased the smaller (16oz) size from Prestige Car Shop here the bottle arrived quickly and very well packed, by the way this is not a cheap product at £9.99 for this size.

My S10 lives outside under a Noah Block-It fabric cover which is getting a little long in the tooth. The truck is black and here in the UK the use of salt and grit on the roads in the winter makes using it this time of the year a real chore. I do however like to try and “drive my s***” once a week if possible. So upon my return from my Sunday drive I gave the Adam’s Waterless Wash product a go on a pretty dirty vehicle.


My verdict?

Very very impressed, it lifted all the salt and dirt with no scratching and buffed up nicely afterwards.

As long as follow the common sense instructions on the bottle i.e. don’t use after four wheeling, you will have great success with this product and I highly recommend it!


Chevrolet S10 Xtreme Speedo Accuracy, Meet the SCU2000


After fitting the new rims speedo accuracy has proved to be an issue.

When I bought the truck it had the 20’s fitted as opposed to the standard 16’s and I noticed the  Jet SCU2000 fitted to adjust for the rim change effect on the speedo and no doubt remove the top speed limitation.

Jet SCU2000

My Jet SCU2000 Installation

My Jet SCU2000 Installation

Jet Performance Products is a proven leader in automotive tuning technology. Their background in tuning started with Jones Performance Fuel Systems over 40 years ago. The Fuel Systems Division has given Jet the opportunity to tune everything from NHRA drag race cars, to off-road race trucks and Sprint Cup cars. This experience has been the basis for the Jet line of performance tuning products for street applications. JET’s engineering staff is unsurpassed and considered to be the best tuners in the industry.

Constant changes in computer technology of today’s cars and trucks demand that the JET engineering staff be the best. Automotive computer systems progress daily, just like every form of technology. The folks at Jet Performance Products are dedicated to providing you with the latest in performance tuning technology possible. Extensive research and development, dyno testing and constant fine tuning ensures the most power from each part they make.

I’ve now got to RTFM to see how to set things for the new rim configuration, watch this space!