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Gas Stations @Shorpy


The always excellent Shorpy photo archive has various sections this one is on Gas Stations

Friendly Service: 1942

May 1942. “North Platte, Nebraska. Gas station.” Flavors on tap from this ten-pump petro-pub include Distillate, Mobilgas, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, Hi-Lite, Ethyl and Metro. Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon for the Farm Security Administration

Star Garage: 1942

April 1942. “Missoula, Montana. Garage.” More curbside gas pumps! Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon for the Farm Security Administration

We Fix Flats: 1942

April 1942. “Service station. Hamilton, Ravalli County, Montana.” You want Coke with that? Medium format negative by John Vachon for the Office of War Information

I encourage you to take a look at the site, it’s great!

Junkscape: 1941 and the story of Shorpy- @ShorpyPhotoArchive


August 1941. “Conservation. Scrap iron and steel. An automobile graveyard outside Baltimore. Scrapped cars are collected in such yards in every state. Usable parts are stripped from the chassis and the remainder of the car is sent to scrap iron dealers for processing and shipment to steel mills.” Acetate negative by “Danish,” Office for Emergency Management.

The story of Shorpy Higginbotham

Early Drive By Banking District National Bank Washington DC – 1924


The photo below from the Shorpy Photo Archive was used to create the artwork for a line drawn advertisement for the District National Bank, Dupont branch Washington DC

(You buy this print in high-res from Shorpy here

Considering the age of the photo the quality is amazing, the car with what appears to be a greeter for the bank is a Lincoln Coupe from around 1922 and the car behind is a Locomobile of around the same vintage.

The tagline is “Drive Your Car To The Door” pretty advanced for the time!