Interview with Wayne Scott of The Triumph TR Register

Interview with Wayne Scott of the TR Register

Wayne Scott TR Register

You can find my interview with entertaining media all rounder and Triumph TR expert Wayne Scott  here

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Herald Alternator Update, Good old eBay! (originally published in 2009)

I had been keeping an eye out for the correct alternator bracket for the Herald as I wasn’t happy with the bodged up dynamo bracket.

A Dolomite 1500 was being broken for spares and I managed to buy the alternator mounting and adjusting brackets.

These as expected fitted well, and the belt adjusted correctly.

The belt pulley run also looks straight and the original belt can still be used,

Herald Update (originally published in 2008)

Finished sorting out the tiny bit of surface rust under the front footwell carpets.
Only reason it was actually there was that the floor grommets has been pushed through into the car. These were refitted and sealed with silicon sealer, the floor treated with Kurust and a little matt black paint appled to seal it all up.
Made some temporary repairs to the seats and had a go at putting the carpet in a little more tidily.
The kick panels however are not right for the car, fitted them in temporarily until we can either make or buy some replacements.
As you can see the seats are still leaking foam, once again another job for after the MOT.
My Dad popped up and supervised proceedings:-)
We took her on a run of about 25 miles, performance was very good.
Small oil leak from the rocker cover gasket, needs sorting after the pre-MOT.
Fingers crossed!

Triumph Herald

We have a 1966 Triumph Herald which we are currently working on as the MOT is due soon.

Things to do:

Sort out ignition switch

Attend to very slight surface rust on floors

Replace seatbelts

Fit electric washer pump

Sort out perished foam on fron seats

Will keep you posted on the progess

Some information on the Herald