Seeing really is believing – a Tucker did indeed race in NASCAR, and we found the photo to prove it – Jim Donnelly @Hemmings

Joe Merola of Braddock, PA entered the Tucker in the 1951 Memorial Day race One of the things you learn very quickly here is that there’s never any telling what the Hemmings Nation can uncover, especially on this blog. In… Read More ›

1948 TUCKER 48 – Bonhams The Tupelo Automobile Museum Auction 27 Apr 2019

1948 Tucker 48 Design by Alex S. Tremulis Chassis no. 1028 Engine no. 335-35 335ci SOHC 6-Cylinder Engine Single Stromberg Downdraft Carburetor 166bhp at 3,200 RPM 4-Speed Manual Transmission with Bendix Vacuum-Electric Preselector Front and Rear Independent Torsilastic Suspension 4-Wheel… Read More ›

The Best of Monterey Car Week Events 2018 – Six Part Series – Dmitriy Shibarshin @WestCoastShipping

A really good six parter on the events of Monterey Car Week 2018 which inludes some excellent photography. Part 1 – The Start Part 2 –  Porsches, BMW’s & Bonhams Part3 –  Auctions, Lemons and Logistic Part4 –  The Night Before… Read More ›

Tucker club merges with AACA Museum; “Clubs are not what they used to be” – Daniel Strohl Hemmings

With just a fraction of its peak membership and dwindling engagement, The Tucker Automobile Club of America has reached an existential moment; the official partnership it announced this week with the AACA Museum proposes not only to save the club… Read More ›

Rob Ida’s Tucker Torpedo to debut at AACA Museum’s “Night at the Museum” – Hemmings Kurt Ernst

 Images courtesy Rob Ida unless otherwise noted. Before there was a Tucker 48, there was a Tucker Torpedo. The boldly styled coupe, shaped by designer George Lawson, never progressed beyond a quarter-scale model, but that hasn’t stopped Rob Ida, his father… Read More ›

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