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Video: Behind the Scenes at a Spectacular 1966 Chevy Commercial – @MacsMotorCityGarage

For the 1966 model year, Chevrolet produced a feature-length film extravaganza for its dealers called Impact ’66, complete with Hollywood-style production values and hosted by Lorne Greene, star of the NBC television western Bonanza. (Chevrolet was a presenting sponsor of the popular 1959-73 horse… Read More ›

Host Dennis Pittsenbarger And Appraiser Addison Brown Talk About Discovery’s ‘Sticker Shock’- Jason Fogelson @Forbes

Sticker Shock, is like Antiques Road Show for cars. Discovery Channel’s show, Sticker Shock, is like Antiques Road Show for cars. Airing at 10:00 pm each Wednesday night, Sticker Shock brings together expert appraisers, vehicle owners and their cars in a bustling warehouse space. Prompted by host… Read More ›

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