Early Days of my Model A – Part 1 Buying & Shipping

Back in November 2013 I purchased a 1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe and for some reason all of the posts in my blog up until January 2014 appear to have vanished. So let’s fill in the blanks


Here’s the original advert from Joe’s Old Cars in Chittenango, New York. Joe sent me a lot of pictures, we swapped emails and spoke on the phone on a number of occasions, eventually reaching a deal and arranging to wire the money. Joe was a pleasure to deal with throughout. Joes’s website is here


I arranged shipping with the ever patient Kevin Hill at Hill Shipping. I say patient because I’d had a few near misses and was worried that I was wasting Kevin’s time with quotes. He was however most professional and really took the stress out of the whole exercise, arranging a door to door service from Chittenango to Reading. As part of the service Kevin arranged all the import and customs charges, which can be a minefield if you don’t know the ropes. Kevin even featured the car in his advert in Classic American Magazine

We tracked the car on it’s journey across the pond – it actually arrived earlier than expected and I had to dash out of work to get home and clear the garage! The car arrived in a huge Kent Vale car transporter with a beautiful Brass Era Buick as a travelling companion. I asked if I could have the Buick instead but you can imagine the response. Kevin the driver couldn’t have been more helpful after a long day and helped us push the car into the garage for it’s first night in Reading.

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My Model A The Story So Far!

Here’s a video of a lot of the work I’ve done on the Model A, (with help, John, Simon, Mr H, Karen to name but a few!), in the past three years.

I’ll improve it as time goes on, but it’s an interesting record of progress.



Under the A!

After painting under the bonnet/hood I took a look at the underside.

I must admit I’ve been putting this task off because it’s not the most pleasant.

I’ve added a few old pictures from a few years back to show the difference!

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Looks a bit better now, but will need a few more coats as it’s sucking up the paint.


Under the Hood

Doing a little bit of under hood/bonnet painting before the weather gets too cold to get outside. Not exactly concours but looks a bit better. Much more left to do, but as you can see we’ve come quite a way!

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1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Rumble Seat Clearance Fix

When my trunk/boot/rumble seat lid is open it leans on the spare wheel, which in turn is leading to some marking of the paint. It’s been an issue that has been hanging around for quite a while after being kindly pointed out to me by John Cochran who also provided the kit of brackets to remedy the issue.

When we started to investigate the fitting of the afore mentioned kit it was clear that all was not standard, (nothing new on this vehicle), and that a bar had been fitted across the rear of the compartment right where we would need to fit the brackets. The bar in fact worked to our advantage and we were able to secure the bump rubbers from the kit to achieve the same effect as fitting the brackets!

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Long Promised Ride in the Model A

When I first imported the Model A over three years ago I promised my Aunt Noreen a ride in the car and finally today I delivered on the promise 🙂

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Crossing the Channel – Replacing 1929 Model A Ford Window Channels

I’ve been meaning to sort out the perished windows channels on the Model A, so I headed over to John Cochran’s for some expert assistance.

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Once we had removed the door trims it was very interesting to find the details from the trim manufacturer from 20 years ago! I may research the detail to see if I can get a bead on who owned the car back then. I’ve tried writing to the owner listed on the title but sadly got no reply.

It was great to drive home with slightly less rattles thanks to John!

Shiny, Shiney

Gave the A a bit of a wash and brush up after the indignity of the recovery truck a few weeks back.

Zymol, Meguiars, Autoglym

Shiny, Shiny Model A

Wash and dry, Zymol Wax Prep, Meguiars Wax and Autoglym Fast Glass

Auto Restorer Magazine Article

I subscribe to the excellent Auto Restorer magazine http://www.autorestorermagazine.com/ar/

In response to an article I wrote to the editor Ted Kade, the pages below were published.

Auto Restorer Letters

Auto Restorer Letters

Auto Restorer Letters

Auto Restorer Letters