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Model A Ford Sport Coupe Seat Rebuild Part 1

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Seat Rebuild Part 1


The fit of the seat base cover has never been very good after a previous restoration, so it was time to see what lurks beneath

Once the cover and all the padding was removed it was plain to see that the base spring had been modified somewhat

All the additional items such as the fencing wire were removed to return the spring base back to stock allowing the wear and tear of ninety odd years to be examined.

Once this has been assessed repairs can begin.

Model A Ford Sport Coupe Windlace Challenge Part 5 (added rear lamp bracket!)


Refurbishment of the mouldings and trims continues

You’ll also notice a rear lamp bracket has entered the fray, the car has always has 2 x left hand brackets fitted since I got got the car, so it’s time to sort that out.

The lamp bracket is now also in primer and will soon be painted black to match.

1929 Model A Ford Sport Coupe Misfire


Upon starting the A today I was experiencing a bit of a Misfire, heard a tracking sound and found a plug arcing out on the advance & retard lever. The car has a Simmons head which means the plugs are in a non standard position. New one on me, maybe the weather? All cured by a little bit of insulation tape. I have a modern cap & leads to fit but I like the old style strips!


A Hot One in More Ways Than One, RetroFestival 2016!


We took a ride over to Newbury Showground in the A to attend the 2016 RetroFestival

Against my better judgement we took the motorway route over, a shorter distance but very hilly and flat out. The A wasn’t at all happy and overheated a bit. I’m hoping it was more about the poor radiator cap seal than anything serious. We took the non motorway route back and apart from the current stalling out and popping back on the overrun things were OK. After the dramatic ride over the show was very good and as always a lot of Americana on show.