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AutoHunter Spotlight: 1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster -David P. Castro @Classic Cars.com

AutoHunter Spotlight: 1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster -David P. Castro @Classic Cars.com


Featured on AutoHunter, the online auction platform driven by ClassicCars.com, is this 1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster.

The maroon lacquer with red pinstriping exterior was reportedly repainted several years ago. It features a 4-piece hood, chrome bumpers, a chrome grille, dual headlights with body-color buckets, and a tilting windshield.

It rides on black steel wheels with V8-logo center caps, trim rings, and whitewall bias-ply tires.

“The bench seat, interior trim, and door panels are upholstered in brown vinyl,” the listing states. “Features include a tan vinyl floor mat and a floor-mounted manual shifter. Additional features include a keyed steering wheel lock, an original AM radio with a speaker, a body-color steel dashboard with a simulated woodgrain fascia, and a brown 3-spoke banjo steering wheel. The seller notes that some seams on the base of the driver’s seat are coming apart.”

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1936 Ford Review: Here’s Why Flathead V8 Fords Sold So Well During The Great Depression – Elliott Alvis


The 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedan was an amazing value for its time. Despite being sold right in the middle of the worst economic crisis in American history, it was still a great selling car. It came standard with a “Flathead” V8, and wasn’t very expensive with a retail price of around $625. Come along as I walk through some of the interesting features of the car, and then take it out for a drive on modern roads.

Truckloads of 1936 Fords Arrive at Holzbaugh’s Detroit Ford Dealership — The Old Motor


According to the source of today’s lead photo, it was taken in January of 1936 when truckloads of new 1936 Ford cars were being unloaded at George Holzbaugh’s Dealership. The operation was open 24-hours a day and located at West Grand Boulevard and West Fort St. in Detroit, MI, and included a billiards parlor. Holzbaugh…

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Craig Cole 1936 Ford Flathead V8 Road Trip — No Talking, No Music


Since my previous video proved to be quite popular, here’s a follow-up! Over the summer I took my old Ford on a long drive to Northern Michigan, just short of 800 miles in total. Here’s a small snippet of the trip. Once again, there’s NO TALKING and NO MUSIC to detract from the engine and exhaust sounds. Like, comment, and most importantly, enjoy!

Ford Flathead V8 @Wikipedia

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Craig Cole takes a Sunday drive in his 1936 restored Ford Flathead


Craig Cole takes a Sunday drive in his 1936 restored Ford Flathead

Craig Cole takes a Sunday drive in his 1936 restored Ford Flathead

Join me for a little Sunday drive in my completely restored 1936 Ford sedan. Listen to its flathead V8 sing, uninterrupted by talking or music. Aside from a 12-volt electrical system, turn signals, a 1939 transmission, 1937 steering box and slightly later-model engine the car is completely stock, retaining mainstay Ford features of the era like a solid front axle, torque-tube drivetrain, front and rear transverse leaf springs as well as mechanical brakes (with floaters). The car runs and drives beautifully, better than you’d ever expect an 80-plus-year-old vehicle to.

If you’re curious, here are the engine specs: • Factory-relieved 59L block • Stock 59-AB heads • Bored 0.080” beyond 3 3/16” • Stock 3 ¾” crankshaft • 251 cubic inches • Stock intake manifold • Holley 2100 carburetor with stock 8BA jetting and power valve • Stock fuel pump with electric back up • Stock 1946 Ford camshaft with adjustable lifters • Stock “crab-style” distributor • Red’s headers • Dual exhaust system WITHOUT mufflers

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1936 Ford @Wikipedia




George Poteet is no stranger to the winner’s circle. His vehicles have won just about every honor, award, and accolade imaginable, from Detroit’s Ridler Award, to the Hot Rod Magazine trophy awarded to the fastest car at Bonneville Speed Week. Two titles he has never won before this year, though, are the coveted America’s Most Beautiful Roadster trophy at the Grand National Roadster Show, and the prestigious Goodguys BASF America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod honor. The “Three Penny” 36 Ford roadster built by the team at Pinkee’s Rod Shop earned him the former title in Pomona in January, and this weekend in Pleasanton at the West Coast Nationals the refined roadster beat out four other finalists to take home the Goodguys AMBR crown!

The roadster’s quiet, simple elegance belies the years of labor and magnitude of work involved in bringing it to life – more than 20,000 man hours, according to Pinkee’s owner Eric Peratt. Like so many of today’s top-caliber builds, it’s essentially a coach-built creation, with only a few small areas of original ’36 Ford sheet metal that have been left untouched. It’s still unmistakably a ’36 Ford, though, which was a key objective on the build.

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Barn Garage Find! RARE 1936 Chrysler Airstream C8 Convertible Sitting For 65 years – IronTrap Garage


A recent addition to my ever growing list of YouTube subscriptions is IronTrap Garage.

In this episode Matt, Jason, and “Grandpa Joe” go on an adventure to dig out a rare 1936 Chrysler C8 Airstream Convertible Sedan. This car has the more rare Straight 8 engine, a two piece folding convertible top, removable b-pillars, factory overdrive, independent front suspension and many more features that made it ahead of its time. This car was found in an old garage sitting behind a modern gas station and just off a main road in Harrisburg, PA. The transmission went bad in the car and it was tucked in a corner and never touched again. We dug the car out of the garage and brought it out to see the light for the first time since 1951-1952. This car is extremely solid and is a great candidate for a full restoration!


George Poteet’s ’36 Ford is America’s Most Beautiful Roadster 2019 – Kurt Ernst @Hemmings



George Poteet may be best known as a Bonneville record holder and the pilot of the Speed Demon streamliner, but he’s also a passionate car collector with a preference for hot rods and customs. At last weekend’s Grand National Roadster Show, in Pomona, California, Poteet’s ’36 Ford “Three Penny Roadster,” built by Eric Peratt and team at Pinkee’s Rod Shop in Windsor, Colorado, captured the title of “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster,” a first for both Poteet and Pinkee’s.

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Lincoln Zephyr Introduction at the Prestigious Pinehurst Country Club — The Old Motor


Reblog from David Greenlees excellent The Old Motor on the launch of one of my all time favourites The Lincoln Zephyr.

The all new and modern-looking 1936 Lincoln Zephyr designed by Eugene Gregorie was introduced early in November of 1935. Powered by a new 276 c.i. V-12 L-head engine that produces 110 h.p. the Zephyr featuring streamlined unibody construction bridged the gap between the Ford and the Lincoln Model K. Earlier design studies by John Tjaarda influenced…

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I Should Have Hit the Gym Before Driving a 1936 Ford Model 48 – Kristen Lee @Jalopnik


With its bulbous fenders and vertical grille, the 1936 Ford Model 48 looked like a gangster’s car without a doubt. Something that was used to smuggle liquor during Prohibition. Engaged in police chases and shootouts. Driving it was a blast—and a little bit terrifying as well.

(Full disclosure: I wanted to drive my friend Jessie’s 1936 Ford Model 48 so badly that I asked her and she said yes.)

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