Which of these 1960s luxury coupes deserves to be restored, preserved, or modified? – Jeff Koch @Hemmings

No wonder America’s luxury car companies did so well (and offered so much choice) in the ’60s. Far from the Sturm und Drang of the muscle car scene playing out on America’s streets, the complexity of a war being fought half… Read More ›

Plans and ideas that will surprise and amaze – an early Sixties look at Ford’s Styling Center – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

With the news that the Ford Product Development Center – along with its rotunda styling dome and open-air courtyard – faces the wrecking ball, we thought we’d go in search of more video of that institution and came up with a… Read More ›

Why Studebaker Failed: In the End, It is Always Management – Richard M Langworth

Why did Studebaker go out of business? I have your book Studebaker 1946-1966, originally published as Studebaker: The Postwar Years. I worked for the old company at the end in Hamilton, Ontario. Your book brought back memories of many old Studebaker hands. Stylists Bob Doehler and Bob Andrews were… Read More ›

My Search For American Muscle – Part VI — an amazing run -Reblog

https://videopress.com/embed/u4Y5sXb3?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 PART VI – GETTING TAKEN FOR A RIDE Buckle up for another rough ride. I’m pumping the brakes again. I was excited to find another 1967 Mopar B body convertible for sale on Hemmings the other day. This one… Read More ›

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