Subframe Connectors: Find Out Why They’re Not Just For Race Cars – Randy Bolig @RodAuthority

If you look back at some of the General’s hottest-performance cars, you will notice a reoccurring theme — many do not have a traditional perimeter frame. Many of these muscle cars were built on what is called a unibody platform…. Read More ›

Did the series of Ford Probe concept cars go on to influence the production Ford Probe? – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

They both arose from the same economic factors and in the same general time period. They had some styling similarities, emblematic of that time period. They both relied on collaborations with Ford-adjacent companies. And, of course, they shared the same… Read More ›

Dodge celebrates Challenger’s 50th birthday with ‘Gold School’ option – Larry Edsall @ClassicCars.com

Flexing its muscles, Dodge describes the coupe as ’50 years and zero chance of growing up’ Challenger’s 50th birthday Ford had its Mustang and Mercury its Cougar. Chevrolet had the Camaro and Pontiac the Firebird. American Motors doubled up with… Read More ›

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