ED-OP: Is The Evolution Of Building Horsepower A Good Thing? – Randy Bolig @ChevyHardcore

With the recent announcement from Chevrolet about the availability of an all-new Gen-1 small block, I got to thinking about how enthusiasts made horsepower throughout the last several decades. Yes, I know the latest engine release is for a replacement mill… Read More ›

EFI for Classics: Proving that electronic fuel-injection can be both easy and affordable – @Hemmings

Gearheads, like much of society, can be slow to embrace change. In the automotive world, advances in technology often mean considerable improvements in performance, and nearly every gearhead can agree that’s an admirable pursuit. But still we resist. Changes to… Read More ›

California Special Mustang: Definitive History Of Ford’s West Coast Cruiser – Brett Foote @FordAuthority

There have been many special edition Ford Mustangs over the years, from the Mach 1 to the Boss 302 and everything in between. One such package that doesn’t get quite as much attention, however, is the California Special Mustang. But its story… Read More ›

Car Photography 101: A few minutes of photo prep will help bring top dollar for your online car listing – Terry Shea @Hemmings

Selling a car on the internet means you’ll have shoppers looking from a long distance, and photography is a critically important part of any online auction or classified listing. A picture is no longer an enticement for an in-person viewing, and good photos… Read More ›

First-of-its-kind McPherson webinar to examine wide-ranging effects of the automobile on modern life – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

“Every person’s life is fundamentally filtered through the car,” said Ken Yohn, the chair of the history and politics department at McPherson College, while discussing the college’s new six-week summer webinar. “And everybody has a theory of the automobile, whether… Read More ›

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