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Fremont Police Replaced an Old Dodge Charger With a Tesla Cop Car- Andrew P Collins @Jalopnik


The police department in Fremont, Calif., the same Fremont where the Tesla factory is, just bought a used Tesla Model S 85 to replace a retiring Dodge Charger. The car has been fitted with all the standard cop-spec accessories and will soon go on duty as part of a pilot program to see if a Tesla is up to the task of police work

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Why People Are Suddenly Freaking Out Over California’s Exhaust Laws: Explained – Andrew P. Collins @Jalopnik


The “new” California exhaust law has ben causing some angst in the car community

Here’s Andrew from Jalopnik with an in depth look at what’s causing all the fuss, read  on

The scale of fines whilst looking quite reasonable can soon mount up to scary proportions